Listen To Obasanjo’s Advice, PDP Urges Buhari, Fed Govt

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The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to come down from his high horse and listen to advice from eminent Nigerians, who are advising him against allowing the nation to tumble from the cliff under his watch.

In a statement on Sunday by its spokesman Kola Ologbodiyan, the party accused the Buhari Presidency of worsening the woes of the country.

It took him on for choosing to haul insults on Nigerians, including former President Olusegun Obasanjo, the party noted called on the Buhari administration to end its divisive, suppressive and insensitive style of leadership that has ruined the nation.

The statement reads: “From its reactions to patriotic counsel, it is clear that the Buhari Presidency has become bereft of the fundamentals of governance as well as overwhelmed by its own failures and burden of guilt for the disunity, bloodletting and anguish that have enveloped our nation in the last five years.”

The party echoed Obasanjo’s claim that Nigeria was sliding into a failed state, where citizens are not guaranteed of their safety and cannot afford the basic necessities of life, among others.

The PDP said: “Under Buhari, all sectors of our national life are in shambles; the productive sectors have been crippled; the nation has been pushed into the reverse gear; bandits, insurgents and marauders are freely ravaging communities and our citizens live in constant fear and extreme poverty.

Indeed, never in the history of our nation has the situation been this pathetic.

“While President Buhari recedes in the comfort and safety of the Presidential Villa and reneged in his promise to lead from the front, Nigeria is being pushed to the fringes by marauders who are pillaging our citizens in various parts of our country…”

“Furthermore, it smacks of shamelessness for the Buhari administration to be talking about corruption in PDP’s subsidy regime, when it has been caught neck-deep in unprecedented oil corruption that had ruined our economy, turned our nation into the poverty capital of the world and put our citizens in a dire strait.”

The PDP alleged that life has become more traumatising for Nigerians under the present administration.

“Today, life has become resources from the sale of crude oil have either been wasted or stolen by officials of the Buhari administration,” Ologbodiyan said in the statement.

He claimed the Buhari administration has not done enough to sustain a credible electoral process, which enhanced his elector victory in 2015 over a sitting government.

The statement further reads: “It therefore amounts to pretending to sanctimony for President Buhari to be preaching on term limit, whereas, his administration has done everything possible, broken all known democratic norms and rules to debase credibility in our elections.

“Our party implores President Buhari to pause, think of Nigeria and its people and heed wise counsel to save our nation from an imminent collapse, which this idling administration has foisted on all our people.”