Orji Kalu’s Name Makes Abaribe’s Autobiography Popular – IGBO YOUTHS FOR ONE NIGERIA

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Permit the question, if Abaribe saw hell as deputy governor, what are the good people of Abia South seeing as his constituents?

It is a political strategy to attack a popular and successful person in your area of aspiration hence the move by Abaribe to see no other name to use as ladder to climb into the hearts of Abians but Orji Uzor Kalu. It is hard to believe that Abaribe hasn’t realised that Abians are fast exodusing an era of embracing every media attack hauled at public officers, especially Orji Kalu as recent events have revealed the main truths.

We, Abians are disappointed in Abaribe’s autobiography. Disappointed that he could not showcase any tangible achievement by him in office since 1999 but rendered so much stories in order to draw pity to himself as he warms up to put up a scheme that will dwarf the collective interest of Abians which is his governorship of Abia when we, Abians are yet to have a feel of his senatorial impact. His style of attacking powers that be verbally without substance isn’t what he should brandish.

He once lied in his campaign for just a term as governor with the slogan, Otu onu with a prove that he has spent more than a dozen years in the senate with no tangible office but minority leader. But what can be told of Orji Kalu who stayed out of power between 2007 to 2019 and sits as the Chief Whip in the senate. Abaribe must be soar bitter to have Orji Kalu above him once again even as he is about to aspire for an office Kalu left gloriously fourteen years ago.

At the risk of taking sides with Orji Kalu, we insist that Abia political hopefuls should show their scorecards and stop using Kalu as an excuse. The much we heard from the T. A. Orji family of Kalu paid no good deal but the trojan gift of Ikpeazu who is a colossal failure in governorship than his predecessor, T. A. Orji.

What would have Abaribe’s autobiography be without the attacks on Orji Kalu? A saltless sauce.