RE: Senator Enyinnia Abaraibe And His Belated Confession Of Oath Taking

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Could it be true that this sordid confession was made by Senator Abaraibe against Senator Orji Kalu? Or could this be part of the naive and ‘Notice Me’ propaganda most followers of our political leaders engage in?

If it be true that Senator Abaraibe from his political height made this confession, I would think that Senator Enyinnia Abaraibe is being very cheap here and probably may be placed under some medical watch.

Benefiting immensely from Senator Orji Kalu’s political sagacity till date he is proving to be an ingrate.

Senator Abaribe who joined politics courtesy of Sen Orji Kalu- ‘The Political Bulldozer’, as a political neophyte was exposed as a first timer to the high political office of Deputy Governor of Abia State in preference to the more qualified political associates of Sen. Orji Kalu then.

Senator Orji Kalu not only caused the exposure of Senator Abaraibe to the politics of Abia state but also placed him in a vantage position to easily key into the Nigerian political hemisphere.

This man Abaraibe and his family (nuclear & extended) have sumptuously and stupendously enjoyed this rare opportunity provided by his master Orji Kalu for uncountable number of years. It is also on record that this beneficiary of this largesse has never shown any gratitude to his mentor for once. It is not very verifiable if Senator Abaribe has helped anybody from Abia to rise politically since he mounted the saddle.
I am not from Abia State but I find it very nauseating reading this confession from Senator Abaribe. What does he (Abaraibe) want to achieve by this cheap & disdainful exposure? Could this be part of the Nigerian politics? Or Is this the Pull Him Down human characteristic?

For those of who think it is easy to help, may I let you know that it is difficult to lose in order to assist another. Each sacrifice amounts to a loss to the person who sacrificed.

Naturally, no human being is infallible. Bearing this in mind, one would always expect misunderstanding to arise in relationships generally. When such happens, it must be handled with utmost care abhorred of excesses like we are witnessing in the Senators Abaraibe-Orji case.

Let any aggrieved beneficiary at any point in time try to reflect on the beginning of that journey before it got sour. This will help to moderate what we do when any ugly situation arose.

Doing all you can to think you can suppress Senator Orji Kalu in Abia and Nigerian politics is an uphill task that may end you up disastrously. Chew the much you can swallow in your matter with your once mentor and avoid dancing to the gallery or going for the over-kill which may boomerang.

This later confession when you are still enjoying the benefits of that oath if it ever did take place is child-like, childish, antithetical to nurture and nature and disgraceful to your person and whatever you stand for.

I suggest that the people you represent in the Senate of Nigeria should move for your recall for not only presenting Abia people as fetish but also for debasing the sanctity of the Green Chambers of Nigeria as a Senator.

*Mr Dikeukwu F M*
Political Analyst & Public Affairs Commentator.