Senator Orji Uzor Kalu’s Foresight, Dedication, Intelligence, Hard Work And Encyclopedic Knowledge In Politics And Track Record Of Achievement Has Placed Him First Among Equals

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When I read on various social media and platforms some unintelligent posts and utterances some gullible and uninformed persons make, I feel disgusted and flabbergasted and ask myself, why is it that people forget in a hurry?

Senator Orji Uzor Kalu(MON) as the then Governor of Abia State incurred the wrath of the former President of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo because of Ndigbo and wonder why any sane Abian empowered by OUK would have the temerity to pour aspersions on this political enigma rather showering him with ecomiums for putting food on their tables

Senator Orji Uzor Kalu’s outspokenness on the height of palpable fear and rejection in Igboland over the blatant marginalization of Igbos in all sectors of national economy at one of the Igbo summits held in Enugu when he was the Governor of Abia State, spoke in strong terms in defense of the Igbos. Even though, that battle cry marked the commencement of this rift with the Federal Government then, nevertheless, he felt fulfilled as it was not a wasted effort as same defined a new epoch in the struggle for Igbo rebirth and wonder why any Abian should because of Federal House of Representative election in just two local governments (Aba North &South), speak in such a despicable and uncivilized manner against a man who sacrificed his comfort in defense of his people.

OUK as the then Governor of Abia State, championed the relevance of his people in the scheme of things and his agitation for a greater role for Ndigbo in the national scheme of things assumed a global dimension. It is therefore very painful and disheartening that a man who has shown much to his people should be taunted and called names just because of Federal Constituency election

There is always a deep feeling of despondency among our people and the average Abian has been badly affected because of unfounded and cooked up petty lies against a man who brought Aba, Enyimba City to international sphere. No doubt, the people of Enyimba still love OUK and exhibited same through their large turnout whenever they heard that OUK was around, despite all forms of harassment and intimidation. OUK remains man of the people any day any time.

All the falsehood peddled against this Distinguished Senator was a deliberate ploy designed to portray the only son of Abia who is eminently qualified and has what it takes to aspire for the number one political position in the country. Senator Orji Uzor Kalu has the charisma, sagacity, courage, aura and the political muscle and nationwide acceptability which none of his detractors has, hence, the envy.

Anyone that thinks or believes that the outcome of last election in Aba can keep us down, is making a fatal mistake. Despite the wound inflicted on our teeming supporters and loyalists during the last election, we can still boast and state unequivocally that APC has the best brains in Abia State and therefore, we ought not be deterred.

A cursory look at the galaxy of personalities in Abia State who rallied round OUK during the electioneering campaign, sent a very strong signal that Abians still love and cherish OUK more than any other Leader in Abia State. If a secret opinion poll is conducted, you would prove me perfectly correct. Therefore, no cause for alarm as people of Aba would sacrifice anything to ensure that the dream of our Leader would come through come 2023. It is on record that Senator Orji Uzor Kalu is the only man who can compete favorably with people from any part of Nigeria because of his versatility and acceptability by all tribes. He is a detribalized Nigerian, but cannot sacrificed the interest of his people.

OUK does not claim to be a Saint, but he worked at enormous personal costs to chart a way forward for Abia State which ought to have been improved upon by subsequent administrations and wonder why people who have failed woefully as a result of their in efficiency and focus would continue to attribute their failure to a man who relinquished power several years back. Rather than consolidating on the indelible and unparalleled track records and monumental achievements of OUK, they continue to complain of “bad”foundation due to their ineptitude and insensitivity towards the plight of Abians whom they have turned to destitute. After all, OUK is not meant to please and satisfy everyone at the same time. I make bold to say that OUK remains the best Governor Abia State has ever had. Time shall tell.

OUK was the only Governor throughout the federation that published Abia State monthly statement of accounts. No wonder, the American -based Opportunities Industrialization Centers(OIC) in conjunction with the World Bank bestowed on him the prestigious Leon Sullivan Award for his transparency and visionary leadership.

Senator Orji Uzor Kalu as the then Governor of Abia state, provided basic infrastructure, security and dedicated over 500 roads mainly in Aba and other urban and rural areas, provided over 500 transformers and more than 600 bore holes to rural Communities and reduced accommodation problem faced by Abians through the construction of Ehimiri Housing estate and an Ngwaman Chief Ugboaja was the General Manager of Abia Housing Corporation while Chief Lambert Nmecha(deceased) an illustrious son of Ukwa was the Hon. Commissioner for Works. The records are there and the number of Civil Servants that reside in Ehimiri Housing Estate today can attest to the fact. The question is, how many Housing estates have subsequent administrations after OUK built? Yet, some gullible and shameless elements who were brought to political relevance open their mouths to speak ill about a man who has carved a niche for himself.

In my subsequent bulletin /submission, I shall intimate Abians how this ordained and God fearing leader with golden heart, through football brought Enyimba City to international fora.
Scripted by:
Barr. Sam Ogbonna
State Publicity Secretary, OUK Movement, Abia State.