GapX Seeks To Support Career Advancement Of Working Women In Africa

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GapX, a recruitment and training startup which disclosed that it is on a mission to improve diversity in the workplace has commenced operations.

According to a statement, the firm recognises that lots of women take time off work at a point in their lives to focus on family, thereby stalling their career advancement and in many cases, stopping it altogether.

This, it noted limits the number of highly qualified women in the workplace.

“Positioning itself firmly as the authority on gender inclusion and diversity across Africa, the company fosters inclusive workplace policies and initiatives that support the career advancement of working women in Africa, with the goal of increasing the number of women in leadership positions,” it added.

A Gender Equality Index Report from the African Development Bank reports that African women are held back from fulfilling their potential by many constraints, whether as leaders in public life, in the boardroom, or in growing their businesses, thereby holding back the potential of the continent’s economy.

According to the report, women work 50 per cent longer hours than men in Africa. Despite this, a greater number of women do not have commensurate experience as their male counterpart due to cultural and other issues, which translates to a lower pay band and inability to fill the same roles their male counterparts can fill.

Owing to this, GapX stated that it seeks to bridge this gap through a practical approach to gender diversity and inclusion.

“Firstly, its recruitment arm receives applications from working women, forming a pool of highly qualified professional women across the continent. This pool is matched to companies seeking to fill full time, short term or freelance vacancies, from junior to senior management and even board levels.

“GapX scours through hundreds of CVs, offering training to those who need to upskill and immediately matching skilled labour with companies who need these skills.

“Secondly, GapX recognises the inhibition of women as they progress their careers. The company has opened endorsed training programmes, specifically targeting working women.

“Bespoke courses such as its Career Relaunch programme combines training and internship to help women who have been out of jobs for a while, ease back into the workplace. Its maternity programme supports mothers back from maternity and all working mothers in the workplace to strengthen their mental and physical capabilities as they combine work with family. Its Senior Management and Boardroom training prepares women to advance into leadership roles seamlessly,” it added.