After “How to Make Bread, Who is Abba Kyari?’ Dominates Google Search in Nigeria

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By Dayo Ademola, Lagos

Google on Monday, said the trending search term on Google Nigeria over the past 30 days had been ‘how to make bread?’, followed by ‘who is Abba Kyari?’. Taiwo Kola-Ogunlade, Google communication Officer, West Africa, in a statement, said the top 20 trending questions on Google Search Nigeria over the last 30 days were dominated by food and current affairs questions.

Kola-Ogunlade said that Nigeria like many other nations, had implemented lockdown in response to the coronavirus pandemic. He said that forced to stay at home, and often unable to perform their usual work, many people across the globe, including Nigerians, turned to cooking and baking as ways to pass the time. The communication officer said it kept people fed in the absence of restaurants and other vendors. According to him, Nigerians are also asking about information related to the lockdown and coronavirus, as well as more general current affairs topics. ‘The top ten trending questions over the past 30 days were, ‘Who is Abba Kyari, how to prepare hand sanitisers, Where is Buhari, when is school resuming in Nigeria?


“Other searches were, how to draw, Is there movement in Lagos tomorrow, When is WEAC starting, When is Ramadan 2020 starting? Is there a cure for Coronavirus and how to lose weight. “While top ten trending food questions over the past 30 days were how to make bread, how to make pancakes with flour, how to make chinchin, how to make fish roll.’ ‘Others included, how to make egg roll, how to make pizza, how to prepare vegetable soup, how to make cookies, how to make Akara, how to make Egusi soup,” he said.


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