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Chinese media calls US claims over COVID 19 emergence from Wuhan lab ‘insane’

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 By Johnson Dike Lagos

Earlier the US secretary of state Mike Pompeo stated that there was “enormous evidence” that the coronavirus emerged from a laboratory in Wuhan. China’s state broadcaster CCTV attacked  Pompeo’s recent remarks on the origins of the virus calling them “insane and evasive”.

There has been previous claims from US officials as well as President Donald Trump, but have been repeatedly denied by the World Health Organization (WHO) and various scientific experts, who has repeated that from all symptoms the virus is natural in origin and was not man-made or leaked from a laboratory.

President Donald Trump has been progressively critical of how China handled the virus when it first broke out in Wuhan city last year December and stated that he saw evidences that made him confident that the virus came out of a lab in Wuhan.

 The commentary on CCTV described the allegations by Pompeo,

“Evil Pompeo is wantonly spewing poison and spreading lies”…These flawed and unreasonable remarks by American politicians make it clear to more and more people that no ‘evidence’ exists,”…The so-called ‘virus leaked from a Wuhan lab’ hype is a complete and utter lie. American politicians are rushing to shift the blame, cheat votes and suppress China when their own domestic anti-epidemic efforts are a mess,” The commentary said.

Local Chinese newspaper (People’s daily) attacked Pompeo and White House strategist Steve Bannon labelling them “pair of lying clowns”, and blasted Bannon as a “Cold War living fossil”.

Global times newspaper published both in English and Mandarin made serial statements against the Secretary of state, “He is engaging in filthy behavior to mislead the public and he has lost his moral compass”, the paper said

The World Health Organization said on Monday that he has not received any evidence to back up the claims of the US and WHO would be willing to receive any evidence and information from the United States.

“From our perspective, this remains speculative,” Dr Ryan told reporters in Geneva. “We have not received any data or specific evidence from the US government relating to the purported origin of the virus.”


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