Pres Buhari addresses the nation

President Buhari approves a waiver of import duties for medical equipments and Supplies

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By Amaka Obi

The media aide to the presidency announced on his social media that

“President Buhari has approved a blanket waiver of import duties for medical equipment and supplies, as part of Nigerian government efforts to strengthen health infrastructure in response to the COVID19 pandemic”

The COVID 19 has seen increasing efforts from Governments around the World making core decisions to help manage the spread of the disease.

In march, The European Commission published a decision in helping Member States affected by the coronavirus pandemic to temporarily suspend customs duties and VAT on protective equipment, testing kits or medical devices such as ventilators. This will make it easier financially to get the medical equipment that doctors, nurses and patients desperately need. The measure will apply for a period of six months, with a possibility for further extension.The Commission decision will be applicable from 30 January 2020 until 31 July 2020.

Additional details to come on the medical suppliers and equipments waiver for Nigeria and how long it will last.


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