Huawei’s dispute: We will fight back; China to U.S

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By Amaka Obi,

The Trump administration issued another blow to Chinese tech Giant, Huawei. In a ruling on Friday, Huawei and it’s suppliers will be banned from using American technology and software. This rule will take effect from September. Companies can apply for a license to continue supplying those products, but the administration said the presumption would be to deny those requests

In response, China’s commerce ministry on Sunday firmly opposed the U.S. rules against Huawei and stated that it will fight back and take all necessary measures to protect Chinese firms’.

In retaliation as stated in a China’s state-run newspaper Global Times, citing an unidentified source, reported that Beijing was ready to include U.S. companies on an “unreliable entity list” as part of the countermeasures.

To begin, China will commence investigations and imposing restrictions on U.S Companies such as. Apple Inc, Cisco Systems Inc and Qualcomm Inc.

The Chinese commerce ministry has however accused the U.S. of using its national power and the excuse of national security concern to misuse export controls and suppress some particular companies in other countries.

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