Lady advises men to stop eating alone to avoid food poisoning

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A Nigerian lady has advised married men to be cautious of their wives, adding that they should always ensure they never eat alone when their wives serve them. The unidentified lady said women are now the ones killing their husbands by poisoning them for no reason.

She said men should eat with their wives so that if the food is poisoned they will both die together. According to her, she has heard about many cases of women killing their husbands and it is gradually becoming a norm.

In other news, Nollywood actress Victoria Inyama has narrated what she went through in the hands of her ex-husband Godwin Okri. In an Instagram Live session with UK-based mental health advocate Malin Anderson, the actress said her former husband maltreated her and made her live in fear. She said Godwin threatened to kill her if she failed to do his bidding, adding that she also arrested her for trying to protect herself and her three kids.

He said: “I was scared because he would tell me ‘I know a lot of people in prison, my clients that owe me a lot of favour because they didn’t do long term and I’ll just waste you and nothing is going to happen.’ At that point I just told him that I’m ready to die, I’m not coming back to you, he said alright, we will see about that.

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