Is WHO an Exclusive Gatekeeper of Human Health and Medicine?

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Following the invention of the herbal remedy, COVID ORGANICS by Madagascan government for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19, the World Health Organization (WHO) unsurprisingly launched a scathing attack on Madagascar’s herbal cure. The Organization, branded the remedy dangerous and called for its side effects to be examined as the African Union shows interest. The question at the lips of several Africans is if WHO has ever bothered to mention the side effects of Vaccines they introduce to Africa.

In a statement, the WHO said: “Africans deserve to use medicines tested to the same standards as people in the rest of the world. Even if therapies are derived from traditional practice and natural, establishing their efficacy and safety through rigorous clinical trials is critical.”

It has become a requirement that whenever Africans develop anything it has to be measured under Eurocentric metrics. How can Western standards be African standards? Before social media age, the West have always used standards to bully and discourage the efforts of Africans in several fields- making Africa to remain at the consumption end.

Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with testing the herbal drugs, as the efficacy of any herbal treatment must be established. But must the medicine in question be tested according to ‘Eurocentric’ standards?
Despite the campaigns against herbal medication, studies have shown that herbs don’t have side effects because they are not been induced in man made chemicals. Unfortunately, researches have it that commercialized medicines have killed more people than our indigenous medicines.


Medically, the  entire premises in which WHO’s requested tests are faulty. They are based on the isolation of molecules from each other and then the subsequent evaluation of the curative or toxic natures of said molecules. That is highly misleading because we daily consume a high number of toxic molecules, which once they enter into a combination with each other become innocuous. Consumed individually, they would kill us. Many plants are conceived naturally in this manner.

Artemisia is the plant used to produce COVID ORGANICS and till date WHO does not have a single document proving it has killed or harmed anyone. And there are presently no rounds of information to say that anyone has died from the consumption of Madagascar medicine.

WHO has approved chemotherapy and lots of other toxic drugs with murderous effects even knowing that chemotherapy only has a 4% efficiency rate and kills more than it cures.

WHO concerns for safety of the Madagascar’s herbal remedy is questionable. There is a persistent need for patents to be owned, royalties to be earned as well as fame in the intellectual and research field, this might conceivable be the goal and not the welfare of Africans.

The Western countries sets its’ standard, Africans should also set its standards. This action depicts them as Western and Eastern Health Organization rather than the World Health Organization.


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