99 per cent of Nigerians aware of COVID-19, says Lai Mohammed

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By George Samuel, Abuja

Information and Culture Minister Lai Mohammed said on Monday that Ninety-Nine per cent of Nigerians are aware of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The minister, who quoted a latest poll on the pandemic, also said 91 per cent of the population has knowledge of the preventive measures.

He spoke during the daily briefing of the Presidential Taskforce on COVID-19 Control in Abuja.

According to the latest NOI Poll on Covid-19, which was conducted this month, “the level of awareness across the country about Covid-19 is now above 99 per cent, meaning nearly all Nigerians are aware of the disease.

“Whereas 28 per cent of respondents said they believe they are immune to Covid-19 in March, the figure has now dropped to 26per cent.

“Ninety-one of respondents said they are aware of the different preventive measures. Hand washing is now at 87per cent, up by 10 per cent; use of face masks is at 85 per cent, up by 22 per cent and social distancing is at 55 per cent, up by 43 per cent. The poll however, stated that stigmatisation remains a concern as 81 per cent said this has remained a concern. In the March poll, 78 per cent said they are not willing to work with people who recover from the virus.

“Eighty-one per cent said they are willing to work with people who recover from COVID-19.

That figure dropped to 78 per cent in the current poll. Fifty-seven per cent support the easing of the lock down announced in April, while 29 per cent did not support it. Ninety-five per cent said they have seen or heard advertising, publicity or any other types of information from government about COVID-19.

“Seventy-one per cent said they feel they are getting the information they need from government on COVID-19.” The minister said the last poll was conducted in March.

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