Beyond Prophet Odumeje Comics and Theatrics

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First off, let me say I will never be more a fan of Odumeje than I would Adeboye, Oyedepo or Oyakhilome.

Perhaps I might even be tempted to place him amongst men like Chris Okafor, TB Joshua and Apostle Suleiman who in my personal opinion rank lower in credibility than the first three above.

I do not subscribe to the opinion that casts out Odumeje and place him on a pedestal of falsehood from the others.

Odumeje is not more false than Oyedepo who once publicly slapped a lady in church during deliverance session.

Why was Oyedepo banned from entering the United Kingdom?

Odumeje is not more false than TB Joshua, who has delivered numerous false prophecies, and once claimed the Holy Spirit misled him.

Odumeje is not more false than Adeboye, who declared that corona virus had nothing to do with members of his church.

Many still doubt that story of driving a car without fuel, but you who believe, wants to question another’s belief in Odumeje?

Odumeje is no more false than Chris Okafor who was involved in a recent scandal where a woman with a fractured was passed from church to church in healing scams.

Please, who has verified the efficacy and authenticity of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s healing school?

Why was it taken off NTA channels?

I do not speak for the Catholic Church, but in all this issue of miracles, the Catholic Church is the only institution that attempts to verify miracles PROFESSIONALLY, and document same.

Even at that, I do not place the Catholic Church above Odumeje in authenticity.

Odumeje represents a branch in the diversity of Christianity, diversification that started when the first break in the church happened in the 16th century.

Diversification that started when Martin Luther formed the first Protestant church in 1517.

The Anglican Church that is so influential today was formed in 1534.

Reason? King Henry VIII wanted a second wife and Rome would not let him.

There were so many churches formed for the flimsiest of reasons.

Each time a new branch in christianity was born, older adherents looked at them like outcasts.

The Catholic Church for decades never ceased to remind the anglicans on the reason they were formed, until everybody adjusted.

Then came the Mormons.

Then came the Jehovah’s Witness.

Then the Pentecostals and its numerous sub-branches. People wondered why worshippers would go to church to dance instead of sing solemn hymns.

Then the Celestial church. People wondered why people wear white garment, go about bare-foot and dance like they were in psychotic drugs.

Everybody eventually adjusted to each new entrant.

Odumeje’s full audience should tell you one thing.

He has filled a functional niche.

That niche appeals to a certain lifestyle and culture within Christianity.

They love his theatrics.

They love the highlife music.

Many are probably not formally educated (I may be wrong about this)

They are genuinely “wowed” by the bodyslams during healing sessions.

They also love the Igbo language and his employ of same in coining dramatic idioms.

And many of them, within the context of their gullibility would love to be genuine followers of Christ.

And the accent and horrible English?

Chances are many of the followers either have mother-tongue interference, or do not mind.

Have you heard TB Joshua preach?

Is it because others scam you with accent, diction and intonation?

Is it because others show carriage?

Look, Nigeria is a diverse country.

There are people who will not feel Pastor Chris, the way you do not feel Odumeje.

There are people who may not feel TB Joshua.

There are people who may not feel the sobriety of the priest during Catholic, Anglican or Methodist mass.

The socio-cultural context of Odumeje suits them just fine.

And I am sure within his church, are people that love him, yet seek to follow Jesus and the bible in their hearts, the same way there are also hypocrites in the church of your “anointed” men of God who steal public funds in office.

So, between an Odumeje follower who worships his God and a Redeemed/winners/Christ Embassy follower living a double life, who is destined for the Christian heaven?

Abi the rules don change?

Look, everybody who is a Christian, no matter your denomination, was once seen as an OUTCAST and follower of a false prophet.

Jesus Christ was once widely believed by those living during his time to be a false prophet.

In fact, the early Christians of the day were referred to as ATHEISTS, a term used for people who did not believe in the conventional Roman gods, until Emperor Constantine changed the equation.

It takes some form of cognitive dissonance to call Odumeje a false prophet, while you ignore scandals of other pastors as per “house of God must be united”

But not to worry, you will adjust, the way the rest of the world adjusted after looking at your own denomination like outcasts.

As for me, all scam na scam.

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