Pregnant mother of one stabs lover to death

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Linus Oota, Lafia


  • Says I pray he makes heaven

Hell, says William Shakespeare, has no fury like a woman scorned. That much was proven in the life of Mr. Anyakwo Mohammed whose lover stabbed to death for impregnating another woman.

In a sensational confession to the Nasarawa State Command of the Nigerian Securities and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC), Veronica rendered an account of how she drove a knife into her husband’s chest during a quarrel, causing him to die before he could be rushed to the hospital.

Already, the NSCDC has vowed to charge her to court for murder.

Narrating the events that culminated in the fatal incident, Veronica said her late Mohammed refused her request that she should allow him to make a call with his phone, and the situation resulted in a heated argument.

She said:  “I was roasting a yam for him because he was very hungry, but a disagreement broke out in the process. I went inside the room to pick the knife with which I would peel the yam.

“As the quarrel continued, I told him that he would no longer eat from the yam and that he should go and eat at the place of the woman he impregnated.

“He got angry, stood up and held my hand in a bid to forcibly collect the knife from me so that he would peel the yam by himself.

“As we dragged the knife, its sharp end drove into his chest, causing a deep cut and serious bleeding.

“It was in the night, so before they could rush him to the hospital, he died.”

Expressing regrets over the incident, Veronica said she would not have picked a quarrel with her late husband if she had any inkling that it would result in his death.

“I would not have engaged in a quarrel with him if I knew,” she said. “I loved him so much even though he disappointed me.

“May God Almighty forgive all my sins and his shortcomings. I believe that God will take my husband to heaven to be with Him. May his gentle soul find peace.

“His death was not deliberate. I will forever miss him.

“I didn’t mean to kill him. I will continue to pray for his soul for the rest of my life.

“The only promise I will make is that nobody will ever take his place in my heart. I am two months pregnant for him, apart from the two-year-old daughter we already had. My prayer is that the unborn baby would be a male child so that I would name it after him as a mark of honour.

“It is clear to me now that I have made a big mistake by killing my husband and his spirit may hunt me for the rest of my life. But God knows it was not intentional. ”

The tragic incident, which occurred in the backwoods of Obene Ward in Keana Local Government Area, Nasarawa State, on April 28, 2020, saw everyone who heard or saw the gory details reeling in shock.

In her no-holds-barred confession at the state command of the NSCDC, 22-year-old Veronica blamed her husband for the tragic end to their marriage, which she claimed started on a good note before the irreconcilable disagreement set in, even though they were not legally married.

In an emotion laden voice during an interview with our correspondent, she recounted the fatal incident that led to her stabbing her husband to death.

“She explained that she was staying with her grandmother before she died and her uncle took her to Keana Local Government Area to live with him. It was during her stay with her uncle that she met her late husband who impregnated her outside of wedlock.

Veronica, a primary school dropout, said her late husband dated her for four years before he impregnated her with a promise that he would marry her if she converted to Islam.

She said:  “My parents who brought me to the world have humiliated, cheated and frustrated my entire life. If I knew early enough that the people I stayed with were not my biological parents, I would have run away from them.

“I was deceived and introduced to fake parents by my own blood sister.

“What a wicked world! My parents violated my human right and my late husband, Anyakwo Mohammed, who impregnated me without paying my bride price, deceived me.

“It was frustration and anger that pushed me into stabbing my late husband. Bringing in another lady with pregnancy worsened the situation.

“Since this incident occurred, I have been very unhappy. I called my husband’s brother who works with the Nasarawa Broadcasting Service (NBS) to plead on my behalf. I have sinned against them.

“My late husband’s brother said I should not worry; that it was how God wanted it, for there was nothing they could do to bring their late brother back to life.

“I am begging the Commandant of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) to forgive me and help me to get out of my predicament.

“I was arrested by the NSCDC. I am being neglected by my family members. Even the people I regard as my parents have also abandoned me to my fate.

“I regret my action. May his gentle soul rest in peace.

“I did not know that he would die. I had been having a misunderstanding with my late husband over a woman he impregnated and it led to constant quarrels and fighting. I got tired of it all.

“I returned from my ‘parents’ house and was told that Mohammed was with another lady whom he impregnated.

“When I asked him if the pregnancy was his, he refuted it. He said the lady was his girlfriend but the pregnancy was not his.

“We were staying together with the lady but she left us before the incident occurred.

“My late husband promised to marry me if I could change my religion. But when we started having constant quarrels, I was discouraged about it.”

She explained further that her late lover visited her people twice and bought them some items as an in-law.

She said:  “I have a two-year-old baby for him. The baby is in Lafia with my husband’s family. But shortly after we had the baby, I did not understand him again even though we were together.

“Our relationship broke down irretrievably with the damming discovery that he was sexually involved with another woman and had impregnated her and was even planning to bring her in, all because I refused to convert to Islam.”




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