“Your Heart is Clean, Something Awaits You” Senate President Tells Orji Kalu

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By Kevin Eze, Abuja

President of the 9th Senate, Ahmad Lawan on Thursday night told the Senate Chief Whip, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu that he has a clean heart and that there are certain things God wants him to refill.

This is even as he urged Kalu to remain focused and not hold grudge against anyone for his incarceration.

Lawan made the statement when he led a delegation of senate leadership on solidarity visit to Kalu in his Abuja residence.

The Nigeria Daily reports that Kalu was released from Kuje Correctional Centre on Wednesday following the order of Federal High Court in Lagos on Tuesday.

While addressing Kalu on behalf of the senate leadership, the senate president said the leadership came to welcome , rejoice and show solidarity to Kalu and his family

His exact words “ Your heart is clean, you mean well , that’s why God did what He did to see you through. It doesn’t mean those who are in don’t have clean heart. But you see, for God to take you in there and bring you out means there are so much more in your life.
Because there are certain things God wants you to refill. Certain things as a family man, a community leader, political leader. Certain things as a human being “

“So we are here to rejoice with you that God brought you back to your family, Nigerians and to us. There are a lot of things that you must have had after your stay. Some will be good, some will be bad but God has done it for you. Whether its something that is very good or not. Continue with that attitude of your life, remain positive . God will see you through where you never can. Don’t turn back and maybe start thinking, somebody must have said this or done this, it will take you back. Just remain focused. Those things you have had are supposed to be part of the lessons of life. For us the senate, we have remain supportive, we have remain prayerful and remain hopeful.
We kept faith in God.

“ We want you to remain positive, when you are positive, things you think are difficult or really impossible, God can just make a way for you. So, this lesson is part of what you have to go through. Everybody goes through this ; in different forms and shapes. Some maybe health, somebody facing health challenges will even prefer to be in prison with good health in tact. We are happy that you are back and thank God before the senate will close next week, you will be there to resume your work. We believe that what happened to you can happen to anybody. We don’t pray even for enemies to be in trouble. No one loves any other person more than himself. That’s why in the root of life, when there is a challenge, save yourself first.

Further speaking he said, “We assure that the way we started , by the Grace of God, is the way we are going to finish our business in senate. We mean well for our people, we mean well for every citizen of Nigeria. That’s why right from onset, we decided to work together as brothers and sisters. We have consciously and deliberately decided that even party dispositions should not put us away from ensuring we deliver to Nigerians what is expected of us. You have made a lot of impact for us . So we will continue to work as a team. Where we face challenges , we have to work on ourselves to ensure that we don’t allow people to get distracted.

Concluding , the Senate President Said, “On behalf of our colleagues here and all our colleagues in the national assembly, I want to tell you that that national assembly will feel more complete with you. Due to the situation in the country- the global pandemic, all the members can not come at once. Our colleagues will still be coming individually but leadership have to come together . Others that may not be able to come now, we are here on their behalf. We wish you and your family God’s blessings and protection.

“And I will advice that this experience will not block what you normally do- your generosity , your focus on ordinary persons. Do more in appreciation for what God has done for you. As for your senatorial district they will be the happiest people . Individually you have relationship with everyone and we will continue to work together as friends and brothers.
Challenges will always be coming but may God protect us from these kind of challenges. For you, this experience should not be lost, should not be in vain. Because everything that happens in life is for a reason, is for a purpose.. You may not know what the purpose is but from own experience, it is for something better.” He stated.

This story first appeared on The Nigeria Daily

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