Nigerian celebrities that have been allegedly accused of rape

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The death of a Uwalia omozuwa, who was raped and killed in the church and subsequent similar cases has caused an outrage on social media with other females allegedly coming out about been rape victims. 

Rape, a non consensual sexual intercourse, is a criminal offense in Nigeria and the country has been blamed for it’s poor law enforcement and education system.

Amongst the rape allegations making rounds on social media, some of Nigerian celebrities have been involved.

Below are some of Nigerian’s celebrities that have been allegedly accused of rape


A Nigerian model scout by name Otunba Benjamin accused D’banj of raping his friend Ms Seyitan Babatayo.

Ms seyitan also came out and gave her own account of what transpired on the night of the alleged rape.

D’banj however released a statement via his management and denied all the allegations of rape and he also petitioned the Inspector General of Police to investigate the matter.

Ms Seyitan via her lawyers “Ojoge Omileye and Partners” has also now demanded for a letter of apology from D’banj. More details to follow



A lady with the social media handle “mystic_sweetness” called out singer Zoro for allegedly raping her in April 20th 2015. She mentioned that she was at Zoro’s friend’s house when he (Zoro) invited her to the room for a private talk. She followed him and he started pressuring her for sex and after much struggle for 30mins he finally won and raped her.

Zoro who replied via his instgram stated “rape is such a nasty act that I will never ever take or partake in it to be involved with anybody that rapes, I even find it difficult to say the word”

“to make it clear I did not rape Yacht (mystic_Sweetness), I’m putting this out ahead of my legal team’s statement. stay careful out there guys”



IN 2015, the Egberi Papa of Bayelsa, Timaya was accused of sexual misconduct by Atlanta-based upcoming artist, Sheila B. Sheila took to social media to reveal what had transpired between her and Timaya. Reacting to the allegations, the Bayelsa born singer denied all the allegations saying it was “consensual sex”.

He admitted that he hooked up with the girl in his Atlanta hotel, but says she agreed to the sex.

“It was consensual sex, the lady was a blackmailer who wanted to dupe me off $50K.


Victor Okpalan
Victor Okpalan

A movie producer was called out by two upcoming actresses on Instagram, “Sharonjatto and Ruhkki007” for allegedly making sexual passes at them for movie roles. Sharonjatoo further stated that he has got his way with many other young girls in the movie industry. she made the claims alongside a chat she had with victor.

After he was called out Mr victor tended an apology to Sharon, he said ” am sorry, I apologize to you if my actions offended you, am totally sorry about that”



A few weeks ago, the micro-blogging platform, Twitter, went on fire when a user called out Brymo for being a rapist. The accuser shared conservations with an alleged victim of Brymo.

According to the tweet, a female fan paid him a visit in the company of another friend at his residence when he raped her. Minutes of the post, some other women also call out the ‘Ara’ singer for sexually assaulting them. Brymo responded saying that the allegations against him were false as he dares his accusers to come forward.


Singer Peruzzi

A lady named Princess (@jayamah22) on Instagram has allegedly accused singer Peruzzi DMW of raping her. She stated that this happened in 2012 when she accompanied her friend Aisha to see Peruzzi at 1004 apartment in Lagos. Later that evening she claimed that he made passes her which she waved off but he kept coming back and “at that point, struggling was very stressful, you know he tore my pant and then he did what he did, He raped me” she said 

Peruzzi who made several absurd rape tweets in 2012, has apologized for his tweets describing them as “irresponsible and ill-formed”. He also went ahead to deny all the claims made by princess.

“I want to say that I, Tobechukwn Victor Okoh strongly refute such claims. I have never and will never rape or sexually assault anybody” He said. (@peruzzi/twitter)


Pastor Biodun/Bukola Dakolo
Pastor Biodun/Bukola Dakolo

Senor pastor of Commonwealth Of Zion Assembly (COZA) was also accused of rape by Busola Dakolo in 2019. In light of the rape allegations coming out, Busola gave an update of her case stating that she has sent a letter to the Deputy Inspector General of Police, which stated that the investigation was complete and was waiting for the next line of action.

she said that the letter was written over a month ago to the Nigerian police but nothing has been done about it.

“instead my lawyers and my family have heard about all manner of manipulation foul play being attempted to stop the ministry from beginning prosecution immediately or even to get the police report manipulated” (busoladakolo/instagram)


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