Ohanaeze youths give killer herdsmen 2 weeks to quit South East forests

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Chisom Anyawu, Enugu

The youth wing of Ohanaeze Ndigbo has given two week to all killer herdsmen in Igboland to quit the forests and bushes in the area or be ejected by force.

They declared that the bushes and forests belonged to the people and must no longer harbour killer herdsmen.

National leader of Ohanaeze youths, Chief Arthur Obiorah who stated this in Enugu, also warned the Miyetti Allah organisation to stop making statements that could cause crisis.

“We have suffered enough in the hands of these killer herdsmen who maraud our area; maim and kill our people recklessly. They rape and defile our wives and daughters. So, we can’t bear it any longer. Anyone who wants to live in Igboland is free to do so but must not live in our bushes. That’s why we have given them two weeks to vacate the bushes and forests,” he stated.

Obiorah who was visibly angry with the exclusion of the South East in the 22.7 billion dollar loan scheme asked the Federal Government to openly tell Ndigbo that they were no longer part of Nigeria instead of their present “exclusionist policy which is fuelling agitations in the zone.”

He wondered how a whole zone would be excluded in a whopping loan they would also contribute in repaying asking the stakeholders in Nigeria to come out and do something about it as such cannot be allowed to endure.

He asked Ndigbo world over to shout and protest over what he called naked injustice and the international community to take note of the exclusionist policy of the President Muhammadu Buhari government.

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