BREAKING: Kaduna impeaches deputy speaker and installs a new deputy speaker

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On Thursday, The 24-member Kaduna House of Assembly impeached Deputy Speaker, Hon. Mukhtar Isa Hazo representing Milgoma constituency and in his place elected Isaac Auta, representing Kauru consistency.

The members passed a vote of no confidence on Hazo.

The allegations against the impeached Deputy Speaker is yet to be ascertained. Hazo was elected as Deputy Speaker in February, 2020.

The inauguration of the new deputy speaker was followed with a disorderly session where a member attempted to snatch the maze, the symbol of authority of the House, which led to exchange of punch among lawmakers.

The  Clerk of the Assembly promptly administered the oath of office on Auta.

The disorderly session also saw a member, Liman Dahiru, representing Makera constituency, been dragged out of the chamber with his clothes torn. He purportedly made a second attempt to seize the maze after the inauguration, but he was immediately stopped.

lawmakers exchanging blows/ punchnigeri
lawmakers exchanging blows/ punchnigeria

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