All social centers, clubs must have a safety compliance certificate before opening-Lagos Govt

All social centers, clubs must have a safety compliance certificate before opening-Lagos Govt

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By Joyce Jonah, Lagos

Lagos State Government has urged that club centers as well as event centers will be not be permitted to operate without acquiring safety compliance certificates.

The state government has gradually eased the lockdown on social activities and centers and has also began a physical verification and issuance of safety compliance certificates to social clubs and centers in the Lagos State.

The physical verification process also called “Register-to-open’ involves a site visit, registration and issuance of safety compliance certification. Most club houses have began to undergo the process and business owners who are yet to comply with the ‘Register-to-Open’ policy should do so. All club house have been directed to strictly adhere to physical distancing and proper hygiene. 

The Director-General, Lagos State Safety Commission, Mr. Lanre Mojola, who spoke during the exercise has praised the level of compliance with the stipulated safety guidelines by most of the clubs visited.

“It will be in the best interest of all Social, Event and Betting Centres, Bars, Night Clubs, Gaming Arcades, Casinos and all the businesses captured under the ‘Register-to-Open’ initiative to do so in earnest, in order to allow the verification process to take place,” Mojola said.

However, all social centers who have undergone the physical verification process are not allowed to open until an announcement is made by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu on the effective date for opening social centers.

All social clubs are encouraged to work together with the Lagos state Government to indeed flatten the curve on the spread of the coronavirus. Some of the social clubs/centres already visited by the Safety Commission team included Ikoyi Club, Lagos Motor Boat Club, Lagos Polo Club, Ikeja Country Club, Lagos Jetski Club, Lagos Lawn Tennis Club, Yoruba Tennis Club and Ikeja Golf Club, amongst others.

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