T.A Orji Vs Orji Kalu: Speaker sues for peace, urges Kalu to take his rightful position in Abia

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By Kevin Eze, Abuja

The Speaker of Abia State House of Assembly, Rt Hon Chinedu Orji, on Tuesday night, prevailed on the Chief Whip of the Senate, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, to take his rightful political position in the state.

Orji was accompanied by two of his uncles, Chief Charles Ogbonnaya, a former Deputy Chief of Staff, Abia State, Chief Godfrey Onyemobi, Abia State Chairman, Elders Council, All Progressives  Congress (APC) ; Hon Hon Benjamin Kalu , Member representing Bende Federal House of Representatives, a Member of the State House of Assembly, Chijioke Chukwu, representing Bende State Constituency to the Abuja residence of Kalu. Also in attendance was Honourable Mascot Uzor Kalu, a former Chief of Staff, Abia State.

The Nigeria Daily recalls that few days ago , his father Senator Theodore Orji had paid similar visit to Senator Kalu

Orji said irrespective of Kalu’s political platform, it was only proper that Kalu assumed his rightful position as father of all in the state.

The son of the immediate past Governor of Abia State, Senator Theodore Orji, recalled how Kalu single-handedly made himself governor in 1999, recalling that without Kalu, himself, his father, won’t be where they are today.

“Whatever I am today, it is because of you; whatever my father is today, it is because of you. But I am sure you must have known Abia State better now and that is why I brought my uncles here to show you that I am here with all my heart.

“These are two elderly men from my community to show you that I came here to pay you allegiance as our leader,” Orji said.

Orji who spoke in Igbo and English languages, noted that the current political leaders from the state were all products of Kalu’s political sagacity, even as he said mistakes were made along the line.

Recalling the past disagreement between the once united family, Orji said: “Now is the time for the family to stay together.”

Orji also noted Kalu’s successes in the business world, coupled with his eight years stint as Governor of Abia State, including his current sojourn in the Senate.

“So, irrespective of whatever, the paramount thing is that respect should be given to whom it is due,” Orji added.

Orji further told Kalu that nobody was in competition with him, declaring that Kalu is the authentic leader of the state.

“We are not in competition with you for leadership. You are the leader. In the heat of everything, you are the leader. That leader means a lot. You are leading us. Forget about political platform,” Orji also said. 

Responding, Kalu thanked the younger Orji for the uncommon visit, declaring that he had forgiven everybody as he bore no one any grudges.

“I want to thank Mr Speaker for this  uncommon visit. We are one family. Your father will tell you that I bear no grudge. Your two uncles would also tell you that when I was governor, I never bear grudges with anybody. Ask your father, even when something happened, I used to tell him. I will say no, no, no, no. He will say no, he will come with Uzodinma Opara, let us go and fight them. I would say no, leave them, that our fight is in the hands of God. My land in Igbere and your land, Ibeku, is a witness. I never discussed about your father. 

“My younger brother was your father’s chief of staff. For one day, he never discussed your father with me, not even a second. He never discussed your father with any member of our family because he always told me that he was his boss and that the best he could do was for his boss and I to go back together as one family.

“So, I want to thank you for this visit. We are in a new era. I have forgiven everybody that offended me. I am not saying some people, I am saying everybody. I have said this to Mr President, I have said this to our National Working Committee, I have said this to the Chairman of the party of APC, I have said this to the Senate President and I have said this to fellow senators. I have forgiven everybody because my going into incarceration was a lesson for me and it was the will of God.

“I hold no grudges, even about the judge, Justice Idris. His father was a very close friend to this house, Justice Kutigi, may his soul rest in peace. He was coming to this house  until his death. So, I bear no grudges against anybody. But I give glory to God that I was able to go there. If I didn’t go there, I could have died,” Kalu said.

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  1. I love this peace talks …this is to say father father Dr Orji Uzo Kalu is back again to mount the seat of authority as the real papa ukwu of Abia .Nna mara obinwanne but in any appology lies evil unresolved intention. Father Father becareful of little wicked and son…

  2. Will this reconciliatory move bring back our looted treasury back are they going to develop our state they should burry their heads in shame. says:


  3. I thank God almighty for this reunion and i pray that it’s remains so i also thank my honorable speaker engineer chinedum oji aka ikuku abia onye nso for making this possible may God bless you my speaker.

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