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Beyond APC 2023: Building a formidable, inclusive and indivisible Progressive Party

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By Joseph Odok PhD Esq

I have listened and read arguments and counter arguments with valid points made. I personally thank God for the APC crisis that came to wake up a party that was almost dead with most structures of the party rendered non fictional

Let’s not forget the positives of the crisis that have led to the filling of many vacant positions in NWC. Assuming such positions were not filled, what would have been the fate of the party today?

It is comfortable to blame others, but the truth is that the leadership of the party shares a greater chunk of the blame, no less are some powerful individuals that want to hijack the party ahead of 2023 elections. Individuals wanted to pocket the party and some of those that were sidelined spoke. Unfortunately it became a factional fight for personal interest

The party as it is today is not what we should rejoice about until all it’s organs including BoT and NEC begin to function in full capacity. At the end there should be no Victor or vanquished but a united party that integrates all the different blocks

As a way forward I wish to reinstate that the issues raised by Barr. Ismaeel are critical for the survival of the party beyond today. These issues are:

✓We have Board of Trustees that have never been inaugurated
✓We are supposed to have convention every two years, this have not been so in breach of the Constitution
✓We are supposed to be having NEC meeting every quarter, this have not been so in breach of the Constitution

The party has got structures to address every crisis, it is the non-functionality of all organs of the party that is breeding indiscipline, breach of the party’s constitution, factionalization of interest, anti-party activities, etc

Concerned progressives should be more interested in making sure all the organs and structures of the party are made functional from the National to Ward exco. I call on the President and the leadership of the party to urgently intervene to initiate a process the will give foundation to the supremacy of the party and it’s constitution. We should be working towards giving foundation to our Party’s Constitution and not aligning ourselves with factional interest. The party should have supremacy over individual and factional interest

Joseph Odok PhD Esq
APC Stakeholder CRS

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