Senator Kalu: The rain that falls on an Eagle makes it glow!

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By Chimezie Okoroafor

Senator Orji Uzor Kalu, the former Governor of Abia State and the present Senate Chief Whip, has indeed become a phenomenon and a central issue in Nigerian Politics. He is a man, who will always stand with his avowed commitment no matter the obstacles or odds that is put in his way.

Today, Senator Kalu, can be described as a down to earth politician who can never and has never wavered in his services to his people.

Right from his days as Governor, to his present position, he has remained to committed in his resolve to ensure that the people of Abia State and the South East in general, are alive to their responsibilities. By so doing, it means that his people are so happy with what he stood for.

In Nigeria, Senator Kalu, has been viewed severally as a unifier and a central issue in the unification of the country, due to his urban, refined and statuesque qualities in detribalized form. One then wonders why some unscrupulous elements, in their uncouth lifestyles are afraid of his towering charisma on daily basis.

The Senate Chief Whip is a man of destiny, wrapped in the canvas of divers possibilities. So the more they try to hoodwink him, the more God will narrowly exempt him from their hawk like claws.

The recent event that happened which made him to spend months at the correctional, is the handy work of detractors whose stock in trade, is to ensure that he never achieve that which God has destined him for. But thank God that he is not a man that can lie. Such will never happened again.

Senator Kalu, must take what happened in good faith as a price he has to pay for leadership role. He remain a golden fish that has no hiding place.

To all those masterminds of evil against the amiable Senator Orji, their cup will soon get to its brim.

The rain that falls on an eagle makes it glow (Mmiri mara ugo asawo ugo aru).

Okoroafor write from Umuahia.

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