Oil Magnate, Eze, Calls Obiano ’Small Fry’ As Feud Heightens

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The recent feud between Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State and oil magnate, Prince Arthur Eze, has intensified after the billionaire businessman on Sunday claimed that he would continue to demand that Obaino, whom he called a ‘small fry’, does the right thing.

Speaking in his hometown in the Dunikofia Local Government Area of Anambra State, Eze said: “I’m not afraid of anybody. I have installed three African presidents. One of them gave me oil blocks in his country. I have assisted in enthroning many governors in Nigeria.

“I have given a governorship candidate N10bn to assist him prosecute his election. I didn’t know the candidate from Adam. He just approached me and told me about himself and his people; I empthatised with him and gave him the money.

“Obiano is just a small fry. Even this Obiano, I have given him financial assistance as a person and as a governor several times. I have no personal problems with him. My grouse with him is that he is not doing the right things as a governor.

“Many people are suffering under his government. He is not paying the traditional rulers in the state their five per cent entitlement from the Local Government allocation.”

Recall that the Governor had recently led suspended 13 traditional rulers for their close relationship with the businessman.

Reacting to Eze’s outburst, the Anambra State Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment, C-Don Adinuba, said officials of the state government had decided to maintain “dignified silence” on comments by Eze.

He however warned Eze not to provoke the state government to start probing his abandoned contracts with the state “because we have his dossier.”

Adinuba said: “What he is saying is not relevant and worth replying to. But I think the emergency activism of Arthur Eze baffles everybody and it’s funny. He’s not known for activism. I want to believe he has not forgiven Governor Obiano for beating him all-round in his Dunikofia Local Government Area in a recent election in the state.”

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