We shall resist distortion of Zik’s biography –Ex police chief

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Retired commissioner of police , Chief Ikechukwu Aduba has expressed displeasure over attempts to re-write the history of the first President of Nigeria, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, saying nobody can mispresent Zik and his Onitsha origin.

Recently the social media was awash with a story alleging that Azikiwe was actually from Agbere, in Western Ijaw, Delta State; born to Lewis Apams, a carpenter with Royal Niger Company.

However, a statement by Aduba at the weekend made available to Nigeria Daily described the assertion as “ridiculous, libelous, moronic and devilish.”

“The author of the story said that Zik was born out of wedlock. To say that whoever wrote that is overdue for a psychiatric evaluation and consequent admission into a mental facility for people with advanced cases of psychosis is an understatement. Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe was born on Wednesday, 16 November, 1904 by 12noon at Zungeru, Niger State to Obededom Chukwuemeka Azikiwe of Ogbeabu Village, Onitsha and Rachel Chinwe Azikiwe from Ogboli Eke Village, Onitsha.

“Zik’s father was the son of a titled man Nwawuluaru Chude Azikiwe of the Houses of Molokwu and Mbidokwu, Ogbeabu Quarters, Onitsha. The mother of Zik was the daughter of a red cap chief, Aghadiuno Ajie, the Ozi of Onitsha and a great granddaughter of the 13th Obi of Onitsha, Obi Udogwu, who reigned from 1820 to 1840. He was from Ogbeoza Village, Onitsha. So, Zik was not only an indigene of Onitsha, but what is described as “onye Onicha aka na abo” meaning an Onitsha indigene from both paternal and maternal sides. He was from a royal clan, Okebunabo and fully qualified to be the Obi of Onitsha. All the facts here are verifiable starting from 1904 to the present day” he stated.

He said Zik’s author biography titled: ‘My Odyssey’ said everything about him.

According to him, Zik took all the titles available to every full-fledged Onitsha indigene.

Aduba disclosed that Zik was on 1st of January, 1944, initiated into the prestigious Agbalanze Society of Onitsha as Nnanyelugo and that “at this point in history, only bonafide and freeborn Onitsha indigenes were privileged to belong to this exclusive group of noblemen.

“In March 1973, he was conferred with the title of a red cap chief, ‘Owelle Osowa’ of Onitsha. Anybody without untainted Onitsha blood running through his veins can never dream of becoming a high chief like Zik during his lifetime. These pieces of information can be verified from Agbalanze Onitsha Directory and various yearly calendars at Ime-Obi Ezechima situated at Awka Road, Onitsha”he said.

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