Confusion Over Fatherhood As Pregnant Teenager Delivers, After Having Sex With Two Men On Different Occasions

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A 15-year-old girl who has finally delivered a baby is still uncertain about the real father after having sex with her boyfriend and his roommate on different occasions prior to her pregnancy.

The suspects, Ikechukwu Isaiah who is actually the teen’s lover; and Okoye Ogochukwu – his roommate, were immediately arrested after the girl delivered her baby. gathered the minor have been involved in lovemaking with her boyfriend since she was 14. However, got lured into having sex with Ogochukwu when she visited boyfriend.

The minor’s lover was not at home as at the time of this occurrence. The minor appeared to have been in serious need of money, hence her visit. However, Ogochukwu accepted to offer financial assistance only if she accepts to have sex with him.

Within a short period, the minor became pregnant and was perplexed as to know the real father of the baby.

After delivery, the girl’s mother became worried about the issue and reported to the police division in Pen Cinema area of Agege in Lagos.

The case was transferred to the State Criminal Investigations Department, SCID, for further investigation.

A police source privy to the investigation, said that the suspects, who live in same house, have confessed to the crime.

The source said: “While Isaiah said he did not know the girl was underage when he started dating her, Ogochukwu on the other hand, took advantage of the girl.

“She lost her father in 2009, and was living with her struggling mother. She said she had gone to see Isaiah on one occasion in 2019, to get money for food, but Ogochukwu, who was squatting with Isaiah, told her Isaiah was not around.

“She pleaded with Ogochukwu to help her with money to eat. He said he would give her N500 on the condition that he would have sex with her. The hungry girl gave in.

“She discovered she was pregnant shortly afterward but was not sure who the father of her baby was. Her mother kept asking her who was responsible for the pregnancy.

“It was after she gave birth and the mother, who could not fend for the new addition, forced the truth from her.

“She told her mother all that had happened and the matter was reported at the Pen Cinema Police Division.

“The suspects were arrested and transferred to SCID. At SCID, a DNA was to be conducted to know who the father of the newborn was.

“But when detectives needed the birth certificates of teen-mother and newborn, none was available, ” the source added.

The source further revealed that the mother of the teen was given N25,000 for feeding and procurement of birth certificates or affidavits, but she had since absconded with the money, delaying the DNA.

“A non-profit organisation, with interest in the matter, has taken in the girl and her baby. The survivor’s mother did not at any time hide her disgust for the baby, as she neither helped in nursing the baby nor even tended the baby.

“Since she was given N25,000 to procure birth certificates, she has disappeared,” the source said.