Leadership Comes With Responsibility

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Abia state has a staggering population of about 3 million people. It becomes a core responsibility of OUK Movement Abia State to take and deliver our message of KEEP HOPE ALIVE to the door steps of these large number of people spread across the 17 LGAs of the State.

Democracy as a popular system of Government allows people the right and freedom to chose their leaders through the ballot. This is a kind of test of popularity as a veritable instrument to acquire legitimate powers to lead a people. As a matter of fact, people usually prefer to support and follow a familiar and popular leadership candidate with relevant antecedents whenever it’s time to freely relinquish their mandate for Leadership.
In view of this, the necessity to sustain the promotion and projection of the person and character of our principal OUK through a well orchestrated Advocacy hinged on Selfless Community service becomes imperative.

It places a moral burden on all members here to go beyond routine cheering, chants and hailing that rarely add value or make any difference in our individual resolve and perception of OUK whom we’ve all known , believed and accepted as an ebullient Leader and leading light. It could be said with a very high degree of accuracy and surgical precision that everyone here is already a Convert and Believer in OUK, it therefore becomes somewhat needless to continue to harp and cheer OUK in this forum with a paltry membership strength that cannot exceed 250 people in a state with about 3 million citizens.

We should step out and gear all efforts towards capturing the gullible and uninformed Abians whose political philosophy and leadership orientation are moulded by malignant propaganda, half truths and clannish sentiments.

We’re best as leaders here, chosen, called and commissioned to win, convert and draw more adherents to the knowledge of the person and character philosophy of HE Sen. Dr Orji Uzor Kalu ( Mon) as the sure link to leadership Excellence.

Abia State is bleeding profusely , we can only leverage on a robust personality with enviable antecedents, Leadership pedigree , requisite popularity and global political experience and exposure to halt the gradual slide of Abia state into an irredeemable destruction.

Engr Agu Ndukwe Orji
OUK Movement Abia State