It’s Gods Plan For Igbo To Be President In 2023 –Ezeife

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In May 2020, Rambo was the first, outside some pastors, to state publicly that the next President of Nigeria would be an Igbo man. Today, many prominent Nigerians are coming publicly to the same conclusion. See Dr. Ezeife’s position in the Punch article below.

Another prediction made is that the next President of Nigeria will be Senator Orji Uzor Kalu. Yes, a few months ago, OUK would appear to be the most unlikely Igbo politician to make it. But when destiny is knocking on your door, even one minute can be like a century.

On reading these predictions, some of you thought that I was paid money to market OUK. But that’s not true. First, it is not possible to market an unlikely candidate. Otherwise, I will market my father or my uncle. Besides, how much money can compensate me for the embarrassment I will feel if I were to make unrealistic predictions? Also, what does OUK or anybody else stand to gain from sponsoring unrealistic predictions?

Before making any prediction on OUK as the next President of Nigeria, I ran rgorius reality checks and sensitivity tests. And the results always came back to the same conclusion. They pointed to OUK. Certain things are not just a matter of what I feel or what you feel. You must accept that there are certain inexorable forces that shape the course of history and determine the destinies of men. Those forces seem to have converged around OUK for the next presidency of Nigeria. All I have done has been to attempt to provide to you some analythic logic for the trend that I can see. We need to move away from emotions and respect the forces beyond our control.

You can explain the ascendancy of OUK as you like. You can call him a child of destiny. You can call him lucky, even though that won’t be fair if you knew how smart and hard working he really is. You can call him a child of circumstance. It doesn’t natter how you explain him or rationalize the development. But every indication points to him becoming the next President of Nigeria.

Even the little doubt I had was wiped away when I watched videos of his triumphant return to Abia State recently. The outpouring of the people and emotions of support was historic. I saw the making of a President. The events were compelling. It is what it is. Dr. Ezeife calls it the hand of God.