Lekki massacre: Traditional worshipers fault Buhari’s leadership style

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… lay curse on killers of peaceful protesters, innocent citizens

Traditional worshippers in Oyo State, Friday, gathered at the Ose-Meji temple in Ibadan for an emergency meeting over the ongoing #EndSARS protest in the country, blaming President Muhammadu Buhari, over what they described as the president’s unyielding gesture, despite calls from all corners of the country for him to change his style of governance and use of religion and ethnicity to divide the citizens.

While laying curses on the killers of the protesters at Lekki in Lagos State and other parts of the country, the group, through its secretary in the state, Dr Fayemi Fatunde Fakayode, said the emergency meeting was as a result of calls from all traditionalists in the state for a solution to the current impasse in the country.

The members resolved at the end of the meeting of notable Ifá and Òrìṣà priests that a strong curse be laid on those responsible for the killing of peaceful protesters across the country.

Those at the meeting include the President, Sur. Dasola Fadiran Adefabi, Àràbà of Ìbàdàn land; Chief Ifalere Odegbemi Odegbola, Baálẹ̀ Yemoja of Ìbàdàn; Chief Omikunmi Egbelade and Ariwo of Ogbomoso, Chief Akanni Awotoye Adedeji.

The group said: “It is a sad day for Nigerians as news came out that people allegedly killed many Nigerians because they demanded for an end to police brutality and good governance, those who killed innocent Nigerians to defend our oppressors or for whatever reason will never see and experience peace in their lives.”

“The national broadcast made by the President has eased the tension in the land even though it came late and failed to recognize that people were killed at Lekki in Lagos.”

“The broadcast would start yielding positive fruits if all promised there are manifesting in people’s lives and in the nation’s economy, else it might make Nigerians see the leadership as unyielding despite the international outcry.”

“Rebuilding of all national and state’s facilities that were vandalised or destroyed and businesses should be back to normal so that we may start a new lease of life.”

“We urge President Muhammadu Buhari to make good use of this historical phase of our lives and make tangible corrections wherever they are needed and as people wished before, during and after the agitation, it shall be well with our country.”

The group called on governors in Nigeria to protect their states from federal dominance and killing by sponsored thugs, adding that, all that transpired during the present agitation for good governance would go into an indelible record for the future.