110 Tractors Declared Missing In Adamawa State

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A tractor-leasing firm in Adamawa State has alleged that 110 of its tractors were ‘carted’ away by thugs in the wave of looting which hit the state capital, Yola, on Sunday through Monday.

Similarly, the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) Zonal headquarters in Yola also confirmed the vandalisation of its warehouse, where contraband goods were kept and its offices where valuable items were similarly removed.

The controller in charge of the Adamawa/Taraba Zone of the NCS, Kamardeen Olumoh, told reporters that the thugs looted the Customs warehouse and the headquarters building and carted away seized goods and office items, including computers.

“They even rolled out some of the vehicles parked in the premises.”

He said the thugs had a field day because his men and officers were restrained from responding.