Instagram Live: Users Can Now Stream For 4 hours

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Instagram Live now has three new features that will significantly improve live streaming experience for all users. Instagram made the announcement on Tuesday via a tweet.

During the pandemic, Instagram Live became the place for people to gather for live entertainment, talk shows, workout classes, conferences and lots more, and its usage increased by about 70% due to the restriction on live, in-person events. Those events on Instagram can now run for four hours as opposed to the previous 60-minute time limit. This is the first and biggest of the features announced by Instagram.

They also said that users will soon be able to archive live events. Imagine having a longer period to live stream and being able to view, download and reuse the steamed videos later on any platform. Yes, that will soon become an integral feature of Instagram Live. This will enable every user to have a timeline of sorts of their events and livestream. The archive will available for 30 days after the live stream and will be private, accessible only to the user. You will find this option in the same place where you have stories and posts archives as seen in the image below:

The third feature is the addition of “Live Now” section to IGTV so users can discover live content easily.

With the new updates, Instagram is now positioned to be a one-stop platform for all your video needs including extended live video events.