#Endsars: Olumba Calls For Inter-Religious Harmony

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The founder of the Brotherhood of Star and Cross, Olumba Olumba Obu, has called for inter-religious harmony and love to end mass protests and insecurity in the country.

The founder gave the advice at the weekend in Abuja during the international conference of the church tagged: “Transforming a Misguided World into Peace and Justice.”

Represented by BCS Director of Evangelism, Archbishop (Prof.) David Irefin, Olumba urged humanity to embrace love regardless of various political and religious beliefs.

Newsmen report that the one-day conference deliberated on issues of #Endsars protest, Covid-19, political violence, insecurity among others.

Olumba called on all humanities to put aside their social, religious and financial influences and operate in a classless society which he described as the original plan of the creator for universe.

He also identified the problems of racism, social hatred, injustice, violence, nepotism and lack of faith in the political systems as results of disobedience to God.

“Government of nations and religious organizations are currently experiencing inherent social discrimination, hatred, nepotism, violence and protests.

“Many and more members of the human family are loosing faith in the political systems and religious beliefs.

“The impact of Covid-19 on health and economy of the world are making many to lose faith in science.

“In fact, covid-19 appears to signal failure of science and technology, the human family is at a crossroad.

“#Endsars and other problems plaguing Nigeria can only be solved by love and justice.

“There is no amount of meetings, conferences and peace committees by man that will bring about the needed peace and justice on earth.

“It is not ordained by Father God that man would solve man’s problems but rather God himself,” he said.

A keynote speaker at the event, Prof. Iyke Nathan Uzorma, a professor of Christian Education at St Thomas-a-Backet University, Canterbury, England, corroborated Olumba’s position in his paper.

Uzorma said all human religions talk of peace and love, hence the need to apply such to solve societal challenges.

“It is much easier to destroy than to build. Justice is absolutely necessary to govern human society.

“Since all religions talk about peace and love, we all have a collective role to play in applying such to achieve the utmost goal for the society,” he said.

In his own paper, Prof. Yahaya Oyewole Imam, the Deputy Imam, University of Ilorin, said Islam as a religion preaches religious harmony and love as bedrocks of societal development.

He said ” Islam hates violence and upholds unity, justice and promotion of peaceful co-existence with others for any society to achieve development,”.