‘Buhari’s Government Is The Worst Ever’ – Apostle Suleman

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A popular man of God, Apostle Johnson Suleman has lashed out at President Muhammadu Buhari’s government over the killings of innocent Nigerians.

Reacting on Tuesday, Suleman described President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration as the “worst government ever.”

The senior pastor of Omega Fire Ministries International added that the Buhari administration has failed on the highly publicized agenda with which they gained access to the heart of Nigerians.

Apostle Suleman said: “4 point of agenda of this govt was anti-corruption, security, economy, and employment. Right now, insecurity at its peak, the economy in shambles, corruption is monumental, unemployment maximal…Worst government ever..may God never let us see this kind again.”

Suleman’s statement came after continuous reports of killings and kidnapping across the country in recent times.

Villagers in northeast Nigeria’s Borno state on Sunday buried 43 farmers killed in an attack by Boko Haram while security forces searched for dozens still missing.

In November 2020, Nigeria also officially slid into its worst economic recession in over three decades.

As of Q2 2020 published by Nigeria’s Bureau of Statistics, 1 in every 2 Nigerians in the country’s labor force is either unemployed or underemployed.

Nigeria’s unemployment rate climbed to 27.1% (up from 23.1% in Q3 2018, when the unemployment report was last published), the country’s underemployment rate—which reflects those working less than 40 hours a week, or in jobs that underutilize a person’s skills, time, or education—has increased to 28.6%.

With a labor force of 80.2 million, that means about 21.7 million Nigerians are unemployed, a figure that exceeds the population of 35 of Africa’s 54 countries.

Among young Nigerians aged between 25 and 34, the largest bloc of the labor force, the unemployment rate currently stands even higher, at 30.7%.

The unemployment rate has more than tripled since Buhari first took office in May 2015.