“Don’t Be Hesitant. Take The Vaccine” Nigerian Woman Says After Taking Covid-19 Vaccine

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A Nigerian medical doctor has taken the Covid-19 vaccine and she took to Instagram to explain why she took it while also advising others not to shy away from it.

Akpezi Oshobe, a medical doctor who has been working in Covid ICU, said she is one of the first 100 people to take the Covid-19 vaccine in Ohio, USA.

On why she promptly took the vaccine, the doctor, who has been working in the frontlines in the fight against coronavirus, said: ” I thought of all the lives lost… death certificates I had to sign and families that have been forever affected by this horrible disease.”

She advised people to continue protecting themselves as they wait to get the vaccine.

“Don’t be hesitant. Take the vaccine,” she added during a video interview.