Firm Offers Free Cyber-security Training For SMEs

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Tros Technologies, an indigenous technology firm, has announced free cyber-security training, an online video-based training program to help small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and big corporate alike in the country to tackle the rising trend of cyber risk.

According to the firm, as the incidence of coronavirus continues to force people to work from home, cyber criminals are continuously on the prowl to exploit the environment with data breach and revenue losses.

Tros Technologies has also created EasyAppz, a platform for small and medium-sized businesses to create their personal Apps by following three steps, thus, enhancing further digitization of small business operations.

The company explained that the robust cyber-security training program is designed to educate employees on common threats to their organisation’s cyber-security and offers a new way for small to medium-sized businesses to educate their employees on cyber-security risks and best practices amid the coronavirus pandemic, right from their home.

“While many more people continue to work remotely, the problem with this is that it poses new cyber-security and data protection risks to organisations that they likely have not dealt with up until now,” the company said.

Managing Director at Tros Technologies, Mr. Muyiwa Awosile, said: “As many of the businesses in our community have shifted to a work from home environment to keep their doors open, we wanted to ensure that these businesses aren’t putting themselves at greater risk later down the road. Working remotely has its perks, but also comes with distractions and risks. We are seeing a huge rise in COVID-19 scams which can pose a major risk to the security of our local businesses.”

Awosile further said: “That is why we are rolling out free cyber-security training to any organisation that wants it. Whether you are a current customer or not, we want to make sure your employees have some knowledge of how to protect your business. Right now, all that matters to us is coming together to protect our community.”

According to him, features and benefits of the free cyber-security training include engaging video-based training program accessible from anywhere; best practices for avoiding scams and protecting sensitive data; training quiz to test employee knowledge with a certificate of completion and complementary dark web scan of your company domain.

Others are complementary phishing test of your employees and easy-to-manage portal with employee metrics. The cybersecurity training program is currently available, at no charge.

On the EasyAppz platform, Awosile said: “The platform is tagged ‘smart apps for everything and everyone the easy way’ because through the platform, an App can be developed in just three steps which are design, add features and publish.”