Made In Aba By Enyinnaya Abaribe : The Orji Kalu And Enyi Abaribe I Know 

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By Emma Enyinnaya , Obingwa 

Following the release of Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe’s book “Made In Aba,”  in Abuja. It is  obvious many Nigerians are waiting for Senator Orji Uzor Kalu’s reaction, since majority of Abaribe’s chronicle centered on his working relationship with the former Abia Governor.

Expectedly, Mr Abaribe’s account of his ordeal as Deputy Governor under Senator Orji Uzor Kalu is gaining momentum as a topic for discussion in every part of Abia state considering Senator Kalu’s popularity and dexterity in Abia State.

Kalu’s successful political sojourn can be summarized with the expression “some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

This expression comes from the famous English playwright, William Shakespeare. He wrote this in his play Twelfth Night, which was written around the year 1602. This play is a comedy about two twins who got caught in a storm that caused their ship to wreck. This shipwreck caused the twins to become separated.

One of the characters in the play, Malvolio, utters this quote as he reads a letter.

In my stars I am above thee; but be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em.

The letter further says that the writer was born into greatness, due to having noble or high ranking parents. The letter urges the addressee to accept his fate, and therefore accept his greatness.

Reading the aberration by Senator Abaribe is quite laughable especially to those that know what he represents in the country, especially, the hallowed chamber of the Nigerian Senate. 

Abaribe who is 70 years but claims to be 66 is not just  bitter about a man who made him but angry for being made by a man he is very much older than with 11 years. 

Mr Abaribe is  always quick to criticize the President and his regime but  has never for once questioned his state government for owing  civil servants and pensioners for years since Senator Kalu left office

His  senatorial election has always gone into rerun even when Abia is a PDP state

Abaribe is eloquent and speaks well in the Senate but he  is an epitome of failure, chronic liar and unrepentant hypocrite who has spent over 20 years in power with nothing to show for it in the lives of his people either through human or capital development. He has been in the Senate for 16 years and the road to his village is an eyesore.  Every senator has zonal intervention project (ZIP)  and Abaribe has always converted his own ZIP to cash and eaten alone by himself and his family.  In Orji Kalu’s one year in office as a Senator he has shown leadership.  He has attracted 19 roads in Abia North Senatorial zone.  He has built schools,  hospitals and rehabilitated many more . It is Senator Orji Uzor Kalu that made Abians know that a Senator can build road , hospitals and schools .  

Abaribe has equally shown wickedness by accepting he is made in Aba but failed to contribute to the development of Aba.  He couldn’t even launch his so called book where he was made .  He revealed nothing of good he has done for Obingwa and Aba.  His book would have been as useless as a tissue paper without mentioning Orji Kalu; his benefactor and the man who gave him a shoulder to climb when he had nothing and was a nobody . 

For the records, Abaribe claimed to have rode in a  Chisco vehicle with Senator Kalu back to Umuahia in 1998, though that’s the only half truth in his book; the said trip was when Kalu’s private jet couldn’t fly due to weather problem and Chisco  owner,  Chief Chidi Anyaegbu did a fast traveling arrangement for Kalu who was in a hurry to attend a rally in Aba. Kalu with his policemen and security saw Abaribe in Chisco park and offered him a free ride .

It was during the  trip that Abaribe told Kalu that he was planning to contest for a House of Assembly seat and sought for his financial assistance. After their trip, Kalu offered him a deputy governorship position despite stiff opposition from his people.

Enyinnaya Abaribe became the Deputy Governor of Abia State without spending or contributing a dime during the campaign period that led to their successful election.

The first thing he did after resumption of office was to duplicate government receipts with the sole aim of siphoning government money meant for the development of Abia State; That was where his problem as the  then Deputy Govornor of the state started!

Obviously, Abaribe was not ready to serve the people. All he wanted was for the people to service his kleptomaniac attitude and that of his cronies at a time Kalu was busy fixing dilapidated roads across the state.

Abaribe also mentioned Kalu’s brothers harassing him as a Deputy Governor in his book. Such statement is ridiculous and laughable. For the records, Mascot Uzor Kalu and Nnanna Uzor Kalu lived in the United States when Orji Uzor Kalu was governor .Nnanna only came back in 2003 when Abaribe was already out of office.  Mascot returned to Nigeria in 2007 when the then newly elected governor,  T. A Orji offered him to serve as Chief of Staff . So where and when did Kalu’s brothers take Abaribe for an oath taking ?

Abaribe is my relative . We come from the same clan in Umuekwensu , Obingwa Local Government Area and he knows me very well .   I have also  known  Orji Kalu since 1996 and I can’t corroborate his personality with what Abaribe  wrote about him.

When likes of Abaribe talk about Kalu being fetish and all that, I can confidently tell you that it’s a big fat  lie. It seems to be one of those repeated propaganda that these men in Abia has continued to sell. In fact, to my best of knowledge,  Kalu detests people that are fetish, he doesn’t believe in those things. He believes only in Sense and Science which he repeatedly echoes that God has given us in His magnanimity.  

His strength of character has  shown in different ways to prove he is nothing near being fetish. When he was detained in Kuje,  few people that came to tell him stories of mallams and native doctors doing extraordinary things to help him come out of prison where kicked out by him and he warned them never to come close to the place again.  He detests those fetish character and their likes.

To my best of knowledge,  he sees people that engages in idolatry as dirty and ungodly.  People don’t know how English Kalu can be.  He is so much exposed, very continental and very English . Propaganda,  blackmails and lies sells well in the East and Orji Kalu has been a victim . One should only ignore and completely ignore . There is no truth in their rants.  Their only weapon and excuse of non performance is blackmail on Kalu . But you know what,  Abians already know better and can’t fall for this cheap and fetish propaganda. Senator Orji Uzor Kalu is a destined child and will live to the fulfillment of his destiny. They  had come against him in different forms ; prison , blackmails and unprintable names but he has continued to stay strong and focused on his destiny.