Woman Caught Breastfeeding Snake

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Two elderly women have been arrested in a local community in Zimbabwe after one of them was caught breastfeeding a giant snake.
The incident was brought to the public notice after the accused, Gogo Savie Nenohwe was caught by a young while nursing the giant serpent at her ally’s apartment.

Sources revealed that Nenohwe was caught in the act uttering names of fellow villagers whom she wanted her giant pet to attack.

Narrating the scenario before a Chief Mutambara court on Saturday, March 13, the young girl (in her twelfth) said she met Nenohwe at Gogo Ethel Sithole, her friend’s apartment mentioning names of people she wanted the snake to deal with.

She said; “I saw Gogo Nenohwe breastfeeding a very big snake which had a red cloth and beads tied around it. After breastfeeding it, she took out a plate of food and fed the snake. I did not see what food she was feeding it, but I heard her muttering names of fellow villagers and telling the snake to deal with them.”

The little girl was said to have reported what she saw to Gogo Sithole but that the accused friend refused to take any action on the dreaded event. The village head, Moline Nenohwe who was subsequently notified of the incident, immediately reported to Chief Mutambara.

The two women were subsequently summoned to the traditional leader’s court.

When asked if she acted in any way after learning of what her friend was doing at her apartment, Gogo Sithole said she could not travel to the chief’s court to make a report.

Her words read: “I did not have money to bring the matter to your court. I also did not confront Nenohwe because I knew that once I confronted her, I would need to bring the matter before the chief’s court, yet I couldn’t do that at that moment.”

In her narration, Gogo Sithole’s niece, Maria said she used to share a room with the snake.

“I used to sleep in the room where Gogo Nenohwe was seen breastfeeding the snake. The snake stays in that room. I stopped using the room because of that and begged my aunt to move me to another room. Sometimes the snake comes out to bask in the sun,” she shared.

Meanwhile, other people within the community had complained that they have come across a giant snake that has a red cloth tied around it. Stating that they are making efforts to capture it and bring it to the traditional ruler’s court.

However, Nenohwe who has been accused of witchcraft have refused to make any comment to the media after the court session.