Abia By-Election : Cluelessness Of  Okezie Ikpeazu And PDP Candidate 

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By John Mgbeoji 

Idols are lifeless and ever non-performing, but people, especially the gullible still believe in these idols. It is what is presently going on in Abia State at the moment as the by-election into the Green House of the North/South Federal Constituency of the State.

Since 2007 the PDP died in the State, but the blind, deaf and dumb political idol worshippers simply refused to see and reason beyond their collective nose.

The supreme idol of the State, is Chief Executive Officer, Governor Okezie Ikpeazu was a lame duck foisted on the State and people by the PDP, and his presence and lameduckness have continued to show what he and his party represent, but his worshippers will never see this.

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, a piliy novice, picked from nowhere, decorated with the thoughts of his past which since he became giver of the State has not been able to  channel those thoughts left behind since 2007 into meaningfulness and benefits to the State. And to think many still have the audacity to believe in him and trust the ineptitude of the PDP!

A Governor Ikpeazu who lacks creativity, who lacks the pragmatism and initiative to transport the State to anywhere reasonable; how would this kind of man with his laughable personality have the   the capacity to demand for the right of Ndi Abia from the Federal government?

These worshippers of the idol Ikpeazu represents will never think, will never reason; the only thing they can do is to criticize, and unnecessarily so, all the good works of the present Chief Whip of the Nigerian Senate,  Orji Uzor Kalu and former governor of the State put in place being destroyed or completely destroyed by Ikpeazu and his company of worshippers.

Ikpeazu stands alone without any established intent for the State’s growth and development because as an idol he must depend on the libations that come from Abuja as state allocation every month.

Another  dead wood on the people?

Abians can neither allow themselves be fooled a second time there is no gain nor another foist on them. Gainsay that Abia people, particularly Aba North/South Federal Constituency would not tolerate another puppet from the PDP to be foisted on them again.

The PDP rejection started long ago since 2015 into 2019 in the State, and if the State and people know what is good for their wellbeing, that rejection should not be withered down now.

That rejection must continue, not for rejection sake, but for all the right reasons because the party is unfit for purpose as the by-election into the Abia North/South Federal Constituency on the 27th of March.

No need for the Cockrodile tears

False shedding of tears will not help the PDP, trying to propagate lies against  the good works of the APC in the State and presenting a non-performing dead wood as Chimaobi Ebisike will not salvage the hopelessness of the PDP and its candidate in the State as the by-election draws near.

Chimaobi Ebisike, the PDP candidate to challenge Honourable Mascot Kalu has nothing to offer the people of Aba. He has  always been a colossal failure in all his past political sojourns in Abia state and another of his attempt would not be different.

Chimaobi Ebisike, failed as the Transition Committee Chairman of Aba North LGA. If presented with a local turf to test his political relevance and failed , what other possibility should be given to such a person if it is not going to end up in messes and embarrassment to the Constituents and Constituency?

This by-election is presenting to the people of Abia North/South Federal Constituency the chance to think aright to make that Constituency great by the choice they make on the 27th.

Chimaobi Ebisike failed as a Commissioner for Special Duties.

He failed as the  Chairman of Covid-19 Tasks Force. Those who appointed him and thought he had some intelligence and political experience soon got tired of him and had him removed.

All these idol worshippers of the PDP will never see, or maybe they do not care since their conviction is ever based on idolatry.

Now, can Chimaobi Ebisike point to any project he gave to the people of Aba since he started holding public offices in Abia state?  Yet the PDP had the boldness to present him as a capable choice, or should one say wanting to  force him down the throat of the people!

The lies and endless deceits from the PDP is over. A party that cannot pay salaries but claims to be constructing roads in the state only present itself as cheap and a ridicule. 

An APC chieftain has this to say of the party why the PDP should not be taken seriously: *”The APC has done alot for our people, the infrastructure in our zone is among the highest in terms of finance. The projects are the second Niger Bridge and the Enugu Port Harcourt express road, the Ariaria Market 9.5 MW gas-based power plant for an uninterrupted power supply was made possible by the APC government.

“All the social investment programs that Abians are receiving from Special Investment and State Focal Person for Micro SMEs Survival Fund of Abia state Government are funds from President Buhari and APC not from PDP and Governor Ikpeazu. The Rural Women Grant you received in Abia state are from APC government; the N30,000 Artisans and Transport operators support fund came from President Buhari and APC not from Ikpeazu and his PDP.

The good works of the APC are numerous to mention.

“Don’t be fooled, the Ngwa road is built by the World Bank yet the APC continue to claim they are the ones funding the project, how can a government that can’t pay salaries build roads?

Ohanku Road is also being built by the World Bank , Milveton Road is a six hundred meters road which is the only road facilities by the PDP  government since it came into Government but the road is also funded by the Niger Delta Development Commission  (NDDC).”

Ndi Aba should vote for the APC candidate Hon. Mascot, and be rest assured that they would’ve witness development if Mascot gets elected as being witnessed by Abia North at the moment.