Group Berates Ikpeazu For Claiming World Bank Sponsored Projects As State Projects 

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A social cultural group, OUK Movement , Abia  State Chapter has  lambasted the Governor of Abia State, Okezie  Ikpeazu  for his claims of projects and  insensitivity to the plight of the aged pensioners who are being owed months of pension arrears.
The group made her dissatisfaction known to the public through a press release signed by its state Chairman , Ndukwe Agu Orji  in reaction to a press release by Governor Okezie’s pres secretary 
The statement reads : “We have watched as the Chief Press Secretary of Governor Okezie Ikpeazu struggle to discredit what OUK said about the World Bank NEMAP project currently going on in Abia State and also trying blindly to remove or isolate the impact of the present APC led government from the on going project 

It’s instructive to note that world bank as an interventionist agency engages sub nationals and national in areas that affects human existence like water, road and shelter etc . Today Abia is one of the major beneficiaries of such interventions like the social investment programs, N-Power, survival funds, CSDP, Fadama etc

Unfortunately due to political reasons the state government will not appreciate the  APC led federal government for such interventions which is already being investigated for mismanagement. The State consistently has been deceiving the public as if Abia State govt have any inputs on these grants and loans from the Federal government as most were forced to show their PDP registration card before being admitted into the program 

World bank through their numerous programs  have  intervened in many States of the federation, Abia inclusive through the support of the federal government. 

In  neighbouring Imo State, same flood water management was awarded for N9b. The State government still gave credit to the federal government during the flag off  for making such project realised.

OUK is 100% right when he said that the federal government is responsible for the N27b Ngwa road works. He argued that a government that is owing over 23 months to Abia Polytechnic, 22 months to Abia Teaching hospital, 18 months to Health Management Board , 27 months to Technical School Aro Chukwu  totaling over N25b as arrears of salaries excluding pension CANNOT embark on a 27billion road job . This is very logical unless he is telling us that the State government is deliberately owing this workers as the saying goes . You dont give what you dont have.

The plights of the Abia State  Teaching University is so pathetic as they are not only resigning in doves heading outside the shores of this country but now leaving teaching hospital to living world hospital. A Doctor whose wife is  also a Nurse in the same Abia State University Teaching Hospital had to beg money from a bus driver  for her kids’ school fees . The annoying aspect is that these professionals are being intimidated not to assemble or demand for their pay as the union has been castrated. 

Governance is not only about resurfacing 400 meters of road. The responsiblty of securing this N27b  term  loans from these multi lateral  agencies rest fully with the Federal government. The resolution authorizing  the borrowing is sourced and approved by the National Assembly and the final loan agreement signed by the Federal Ministry of Finance for onward lending to the states . These loans are covered by the sovereign guarantee of the federal government hence the federal government is 100% responsible for the projects. 

OUK is right when he said that the Ngwa road job is currently being executed with the support of the APC led federal government. Abia State cannot execute a job of 27b with only N500m and wants Abians to be hoodwinked into praising a dead government that has been certified dead nationally. 

In 2019 the Federal government through the NDDC did a good number of roads in Aba township  including all the major roads within  the GRA and colonial roads which are the only internal roads still in use. We are aware that during the 2019 Governorship elections this government claimed responsibility for such roads executed  by the contractor Sir  Tony Chukwu Roado Nig Ltd. He is  still alive to clarify who awarded the road contacts.

OUK led Abia about 22 years ago and if we are still blaming his administration for the stunted development of Abia  then  you need mental examination as a child born in 1999 is now of marriageable age. Keep deceiving the few gullible that OUK is the reason why the State is today rated the worst in all indices.Those days are gone as Abians now know the difference.

While we appreciate the experimental experience of our democracy from  1999, It’s still important to point out that Kalu’s footprints still resonates till date as Abians still savour his leadership when salaries were being paid and when governance stake was high.

These are reinforced with the joy and nostalgic feelings expressed by the populace anytime they see OUK.This played out last week at same Ngwa road you are referencing as your poster project.

If in doubt let’s organise  a popularity  contest between  OUK and all your current leaders by  walking the streets of Aba and Abia and  see the difference. Abians now appreciate the difference between leading in front and leading from behind.

On your Ikote Ekpene  road resurfacing, the lots falls on your senator (Enyi Abaribe ) for 16 year who has not completed one single road or project since 2003.

Today in Abia North, constituents are having  the impact of quality representation as Senator Orji Uzo kalu has delivered over 19 roads scattered over Abia North. He has also  attracted  the attention of the Federal Government on major projects like the Mbalator abandoned rural electricty project and other projects just with the 24 months he has been in the Senate.

This sense of  urgency is also seen  amongst members of APC in  the same National Assembly of which PDP  Senator Abaribe has spent 16 years without any impact

APC is the only option for Aba North /South Federal constituency;  staying with the government at the centre will have much impact than being a bench warmer.

Forget the tales, lies, propaganda and blackmails of Abia PDP led government and Vote APC for speedy impact in Aba. Aba need infrastructure and APC will provide.