“Abia PDP Is Rotten,  I Have No Friendship With Failures”  Gen. Ihejirika. 

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Okey Sampson, Aba 

As the by-election campaign for the replacement of Hon. Ossy Prestige in the House of representative comes to a conclusion, the All Progressives Congress (APC)campaign team stormed Ariaria international market on Thursday afternoon. 

The team led by Chief Whip of the Senate , Senator Orji Uzor Kalu were received by the marketers against the order by the state governor , Okezie ikpeazu not to allow the APC leaders into the market. 

Speaking during the campaign, Former Chief of Army Staff  , Gen. Azubuike Ihejirika expressed dissatisfaction with the PDP government on the level of decay in the market.  In his displeasure, he stated that, Aba people should vote for the APC if they want the market to take a new look. He said. 

“If the votes are counted, your votes will count. This is not the time that after counting, they will go behind and rewrite the results. We will vote and we will win. When I was coming here I was disturbed by the level of decay here and as we got to that junction, I heard a small boy saying that this road was built by Orji Uzor Kalu while he was a governor and no government has added to it . There was another place we got to, everywhere is rotten and smelling. I never knew Ariaria is this bad. I used to hear that the road in Ariaria is bad.

“ This Ariaria was the best market in West Africa before 20007. . If there are people that would leave their personal things to deteriorate and go bad like this, then, I need not make friends with them. Those I have relationship with are progressive people and APC is that party with progressive people. APC  is the only Party through which good things can reach the people”.

General Ihejirika also revealed how the PDP pleaded with him to remain in the PDP. According to him, the PDP were worried to know why he had to leave the party  for the APC 

“There is this thing that gets me angry about some people. When I joined the APC, so many of them in the PDP came asking me why I left them?  I was bold to tell them that I see no progress in what they do, in their governance for the people. Many of them in the PDP agreed with me. So many of these PDP people that came to me, admitted that the state is not progressing but if they are before their masters and the public, they will praise the bad government to keep their daily bread. We will follow APC because they have the vision”. He concluded.