Niger State Governor Condemns Level Of Corruption In Nigeria

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The Niger State Governor, Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello, has decried the level of corruption in the country’s political and economic environment, insisting that corruption is endemic in all the facets of the nation’s life.

Speaking at a two-day ‘Get involved leadership’ training in Minna Wednesday, Governor Bello said: “The problem with Nigeria today is enormous, every sector is corrupted. There is no country that can develop with the level of corruption we have.

According to the governor, “When you have a system where only limited or few people are transparent, the system can never work.”

He submitted that as a result of the high level of corruption in the polity, political positions either elective or those appointed have always gone to the highest bidder, a development he described as unacceptable in a sane and civilised society.

He also argued that only quality leadership can fix Nigeria, urging the youths to get involved in the politics of the country from the grassroots.

He said that once the youths have a say in the party at the ward levels, they will be able to determine who will represent them.

“To effect the change you must participate in the political process. It is difficult but it is not enough to stay on the sidelines, you must contribute your own quota to the change.

“To effect change, start from nomination in the political parties,” Bello advised.

Bello berated the officials of political parties especially at the ward levels, staying: “What we have now is the highest bidder, the quality and calibre of ward executives we have seen it as a means of making money.”

He also drummed support for women participation in politics, suggesting that at least 40% of political appointments and elective positions should deliberately be reserved for women whom he said are more transparent and honest in the handling public funds.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Lead Generation Initiatives, the organisers of the programme for 100 youths drawn from the 25 local government areas of the state, Mr Shina Peller, in an address, said the ambition of the body is to raise awareness about community development and consciously train interdependent leaders who will be trained to train others that can drive political development from the grassroots.

Peller, a member of the House of Representatives from Oyo State said: “We cannot be satisfied until youths know their roles in leadership, we can never be satisfied as long as youths are not actively involved in nation building,” adding that Nigeria has to “come to break the stereotype, to shatter that thinking that leadership is only for the elderly”.

He urged the youths to get informed and show interest in national discourse and also join a political party, stressing that: “The youths should get involved because with our numbers, we should have the largest stake in governance.”

Certificates are to be presented to the participants at the end of the programme.