The Strategy PDP Used In Winning Abia Federal Constituency Election, Dy Duru

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Aba North and South Federal Constituency Election has come and gone but the lessons learnt will remain evergreen. As the DG of Mascot Uzor Kalu Campaign Organisation, everything legitimate was deployed to win the election by APC.

We worked tirelessly day and night for a clear victory, for which it was obvious the Aba people needed Mascot Uzor Kalu to represent them in the House of Representatives in Abuja.

But what the dare devil PDP did, by mobilising over 10,000 thugs and hoodlums into Aba from all the 17 Local Government Areas with the supervision of all State Government functionaries and local government officials, just to rig an election that solely concerned the Aba people, is unimaginable.

They got APC people beaten, and threw bombs that injured our members, they went ahead and did all they could do with the ballot papers across all the polling units in Aba North and South.

What is important to note, from what happened on the 27th of March 2021 and before then, is that APC is now formidable in Abia State otherwise why the show of bragado to subdue the right of the people to choose via legitimate ballot casting their representative with their violent might.

And what is worthy of note therefore is that Senator Orji Uzor Kalu made that to happen.
Even though, PDP had their way through might over right, it came with a heavy cost to the State Treasury, I bet you, the state will find it difficult to recover from the injury inflicted on them by APC. 

I urge all APC leaders to close ranks. PDP now, as a party in Abia State, is in the mortuary waiting for its funeral.

APC, is a party to beat come 2023.
Once beaten, twice shy.
A word is enough for the wise.

*Dr. G. C. Duru.
DG, MUK Campaign Organization 2021.