Abia North Project Tour Day 5: Sen. Kalu Inspects Isuikwuato Projects

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Kenneth Udeh

As the Easter break resumption of the Nigerian Senate draws closer,the Chief Whip of the upper legislative chamber, Senator Orji Uzor Kalu on his return from a community engagement on wednesday night made an unscheduled visit to Amaiyi in Isuikwuato LGA at precisely 10:12PM to inspect one the road projects he facilitated to the community.

The former Governor who commenced the inspection of projects he attracted to his Abia-North constituency a week ago, on Wednesday night assessed the construction of a 3km Asphalt and Drainage rural road (2km Phase 1) at Amaiyi Ammaibo road in Isuikwuato Local Government Area,Abia North Senatorial district.

As stated by Kalu the move to inspect the project at such time of the night was to accelerate the conclusion of the inspection tour owing to the numerous projects left to be assessed. According to the former Governor the motive was also to have a firsthand assessment to ascertain the quality and level of work so far done with a view to ensuring that the standard of work and time frame was met.

Kalu mentioned that the inspection of other installed boreholes and schools he renovated within Isuikwuato will be put on hold due to the time of the night, assuring that we would return to inspect them.

The Chief Whip who was accompanied by Dr. Chidia Maduekwe, his personal aides and staff was received by the community leader Chief Obi Chima. After taking a brief walk through the road sections ,Senator Kalu pulled a call through to Top Class Interior and General contracts limited the contractor handling the road project, to query the delay in the Asphalt laying on the other section on the road,after which assurances were made by the contractor that the Asphalting will be executed in due time.

“We used to be in hell” were the exact words of Obi Chima when narrating the harrowing experience of the community prior to the construction of the roads.

“We were in hell in fact if there’s anything more than hell I can tell you we passed through it, before these roads were constructed. It’s unimaginable and amazing, the entire community is in a joyful mood.

“This is the second time that the Chief Whip will be visiting this place, the first time he came was when he made the promise to build this road now this second time that he’s coming is to inspect the final construction of the road project which he promised.

“The people have been enthusiastic to welcome him to the community since he commenced the inspection of projects in our Senatorial zone”, Obi concluded.

Addressing some members of the community who gathered to witness the inspection tour, Senator Kalu explained why he embarked on the inspection of the road project at night. Kalu said that the need to cover the assessment of the numerous projects and to have direct appraisal on the degree of work being done by the contractors necessitated the night inspection.

“We have been very busy with communal engagements and our commitment to people’s needs can never be equated with anything. My party the All Progressive’s Congress has mandated that the interest of the people should come first before anything else. We are committed to people’s welfare and it should always come first. This is why we are going around to see these projects by ourselves not by mere paper reports”,Kalu said.

Revealing how he facilitated over 19 roads and other developmental projects for his constituents despite being a first time Senator,Kalu ascribed the feat to the wide range of contacts he possessed across the nation.

He said “The secret is a result of the wealth of my influential contacts, I possess a very broad contact spread all around the nation. My contacts are unparalleled and I am very sure that both the current and incoming legislators at the National Assembly might never have.

“You know I have been on the street for too long right from my younger days, I was involved with the military and civilian government, I was also a governor and also at the house of Representatives so with all these I have possessed enormous contacts.

“My contact is a cash back which I am drawing on now , it’s a cheque that I have left for too long on streets which I am drawing on now. I have a lot of friends from all the sectors of our economy including the government so I am drawing on that cash now to make indelible impacts for my community.

On what his constituents should expect from the 2021 budget, Kalu mentioned that emphasis will be laid on improving what is on ground.

He said “My people should expect much. Some of the roads are just 2 kilometers and 3 kilometers, so we have to go back to the drawing board to improve on what we have done so far. Like Akanu Ukwu is just two kilometers so in the 2021 budget we have to add to the 2 kilometers. There about 16 to 18 roads coming in the 2021 budget and we also have other human and infrastructural development projects coming up like installing more water bore holes, equipping the schools that we have renovated with relevant learning materials and equipments and also paying attention to the health sector by furnishing them with equipments.

Senator Kalu emphasised that the schools will be equipped with the required learning and teaching materials for both students and teachers.

In his words” You can’t just build schools and expect the children to sit on the floor , the teachers must have furniture , the students must also have textbooks. Nigeria doesn’t ask for much. All they need is good roads, schools, hospitals and security. Agriculture comes secondary because the majority of Nigerians are involved in subsistence farming.

Recall that the Senate Chief Whip had a week ago embarked on an inspection tour of 17 road rehabilitation projects and 50 schools are being renovated as captured in the 2020 appropriation

He inspected the completed and ongoing projects in Amokwe Item , Okoko Item , Ohafia, Arochukwu. On tuesday inspected 3Km Asphalt road project at Uhaba Akawa Ariupka in Umunneochi Local Government Area (LGA); Rehabilitation of Eziamma community primary school, Nneato,Umunneochi LGA; completed borehole water project in Ezioba Autonomous community still in Umunneochi LGA.