Parents Of Kidnapped Kaduna Students: We Were In Negotiation With Our Children’s kidnappers Before Killing

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Parents of some of the abducted students of Greefield University, Kaduna yesterday expressed shock that the kidnappers resorted to killing their children even after opening negotiation with them on their ransom demand.

Three of the students were found dead yesterday, less than 72 hours after their abduction.

The Kaduna State Government and many other Nigerians were outraged by the killing.

The Southern Kaduna People’s Union (SOKAPU) says it is appalled by the government’s policy of no deal with bandits and wants the federal authorities to declare a state of emergency in Kaduna State as the governor, in its opinion, lacks what it takes to handle the security challenge there.

Found dead yesterday were Abubakar Yusuf Sanga (male), Dorathy Tirnon Yohanna (female) and another female whose name could not be immediately confirmed.

They appeared to have been shot.

News of the killing of the students sparked shock, revulsion and outrage across the country yesterday.

One of the victims, Abubakar Yusuf Sanga, the only male among the killed students, was buried a few hours after the bodies were found.

Dorathy celebrated her birthday only on April 15, five days before her abduction and eight days before her body was found.

One of the parents who spoke anonymously said: “We are still in shock. We did not expect the bandits would resort to killing our children because they had contacted us since Wednesday and demanded ransom.

“They called us (the parents) directly and individually, but they demanded for a collective ransom of N800 million.

“So, yesterday (Thursday) we (the parents) met on the school premises and we called them trying to negotiate the ransom, but they insisted on the N800 million.

“Yes, we pleaded with them (bandits) that the amount they were asking for was too much and beyond our power, but we never imagined or expected they were going to be so cruel and resort to killing our children.”

Second victim killed 8 days after birthday

A second victim was identified as Dorathy Tirnom Yohanna by Yamai@ydcoal on Twitter.

Yamai described Dorathy as his sister in law.

In a tweet to Presidential aide,Tolu Ogunlesi, he said: “Hi @toluogunlesi , my sister-in-law was among the 3 dead students found today from Greenfield University. We are all trying to unpack our feelings. People’s children have become sports for bandits & kidnappers. I know you get a lot of stick on here.

“Where do we go from here Tolu? Do we worry about tomorrow? Do we believe in a fair, just and righteous God? My mother-in-law hasn’t eaten or showered in 3 days since her daughter, whom she saw on Monday, got kidnapped & this death was the answer to her prayers.

“Her name is DORATHY TIRNOM YOHANNA …and she died by a plague created by an uncaring government.”

Dorathy uploaded her photograph on her Facebook wall on her last birthday on April 15, five days before her abduction and eight days before her murder.Cry