The President Eager To End Nigeria’s Security Challenges – Gbajabiamila

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Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, has disclosed that President Muhammadu Buhari is eager to ensure a timely solution to the myriad of security challenges facing the nation.

Gbajabiamila, who spoke yesterday with journalists in company with House Leader, Hon. Hassan Doguwa, after meeting with Buhari at the State House, Abuja said Buhari has expressed his willingness to ensure that the problems are solved once and for all.

According to him, though some of the solutions being given to the security problems cannot be made public now, it will, however, be glaring over time.

He said: “Some of these things, you cannot be privy to them for now. We’re still working on a way out. All I will always say, I say it all the time, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. The President is dealing with a very, very difficult situation and he is as passionate as anybody else to bring it to closure and we are here to help him bring it to closure”.

Gbajabiamila also stated that the report of the ad-hoc security committee set up recently by the House will soon be presented to the president to assist the government in tackling the security challenges.

His words: “You are aware that the House of Representatives, some time ago, passed a resolution and we set up an ad-hoc committee, which involves all principal officers and 30 other members of the House and we’re going to start that process looking at the different solutions and we’ll be bringing the reports to Mr. President. He is fully aware of it and he’s opened to anything and everything. That will help us in coming to a resolution in this matter”.

The Speaker explained that apart from security, other issues like the nation’s economy and politics were discussed during his meeting with the President.

“We will always speak about security because that’s number one. We spoke about the security situation, we spoke about the economy, the politics of it all and at least he has a listening ear. We proffer ideas, you know, he tells us his own views, and we come to some consensus, one way or the other.”

He described as routine his meeting with the President and emphasised that “I came to see him to exchange ideas, rub minds together as to where we are as a country, rub minds together politically, economically, socially, which is a continuous engagement for four years now.”