Firm Express Commitment To Empower Indigenous Farmers

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The Adesh Agro Farm Limited has expressed its commitment towards empowering and partnering with thousands of indigenous smallholders farmers across the country by providing necessary agro inputs.

The firm said providing local farmers with adequate technology equipment and seedlings needed in order to enhance the operations and productivity of their various farm produce remains a long term goal of the organisation.

This, the firm disclosed during the official unveiling of its processed and packaged farm products, such as cassava and palm kernel, recently in Lagos.

The organisation stated that its activities would also be aimed at enhancing sustainable agriculture, whilst supporting small and large scale crops and animal farmers with access to lands and technical know-how which would help grow their capacity and productivity.

It noted that the initiative was generated from the need to end all forms of hunger and malnutrition in the country by ensuring there is a sufficient supply of affordable nutritious and hygienic food for the nation Year on Year (YoY).

In his opening remarks, the Chief Executive Officer, Adesh Agro Farm Limited, Adeshola Oluwasegun said providing the local farmers with high yielding seedlings was part of the company’s efforts towards giving back to the ecosystem in which it operates and thrives.

“We have learnt that these indigenous farmers in rural areas have enormous lands. But they struggle to find high yielding seedlings to make use of. So, we provide them with high yielding seedlings and teach them modern methods they can apply in their farming.

“In addition, we equip them with modern machineries such as tractors, trans planters, maize planter, cassava planter, thereby enhancing their production capacity,” he added.

He said further: “We are also calling on private individuals to come on board to support local farmers through the different sort of investment packages we have for them.”

Meanwhile, commenting on the safety measures of the farms, Oluwasegun pointed out that all the farms are being insured by Leadway Assurance Company Limited.