Law Professor Condemns  EFCC Lawyer, Rotimi Jacobs For Harassing Justice Ekwo

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A professor of Law in the University of Ibadan,  Professor Yemi Adetunmbi  has condemned Counsel to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC ) Rotimi Jacobs  for what he termed “arrogant harrassment and intimidation of a whole High Court Judge ”

He said Jacobs lacks the professional ethics and decorum needed to represent any responsible government 

The University Don made the remarks on Friday on the sideline of  event held by Civil Society Organizations in  Transcorp Hilton , Abuja 

Prof Adetunmbi while narrating his observations in Court 5, Federal High Court Abuja presided by Justice Inyang Ekwo 

on July 2nd to witness the session on a suit filed by his  friend said he was disappointed at the level of incompetence and arrogance Jacobs is exercising his legal duties 

Reacting to comments on the corruption and inconsistencies  of Judges on related and similar matters in Nigeria,  Professor Adetunmbi explained that in every legal system there is always good and bad  judges . 

 ” I don’t think you will expect me to say there are no bad judges in our country,  of course there are many of them . At least to be a good judge,  you have to cultivate and maintain some ethical principles such as  judicial aloofness and detachment,  judicial temperament with humility,  impartiality,  honesty and integrity. But a judge need to maintain these qualities in a conducive  and proper  environment .  

“Some days ago , July 2 specifically while waiting for my friend’s case  in Court 5 , Federal High Court here in Abuja,  the case between Federal Government and Orji Uzor Kalu was fortunately and unfortunately mentioned before ours and I had opportunity to observe and listen to the case .

 “The reality today  is that  our judicial system is toeing a wrong path. Some government paid lawyers are not supporting these judges to carry out their roles effectively and judiciously.  They are  beginning to play gods and their  activities and arrogance will one day set the system on fire . May that day never come when a judge will be discharging the duty of his professional calling under fear , threat, harassment and intimidation on the basis of body language of the government . If you were in that court you would pity Justice Inyang Ekwo. Rotimi Jacobs was practically intimidating and arrogantly embarrassing a whole high court judge . 

Explaining further , he said , ” that Jacobs   is representing the federal government in a case does not give him  impetus to utter rubbish to the judge . What would such a lawyer teach young lawyers.  You stand up to a judge and dictate to him on how a case he is presiding over should be handled ? and threaten him with harsh words if he fails to consider the federal government’s expectations ? That’s a big foul . And tomorrow if the judge stands his ground,  you rattle up corruption charges against him . So how do you want the judiciary to do well ?” , the  University Don queried newsmen. 

The law expert  further expressed his disappointment over EFCC’s counsel adding that as a senior advocate,  he should not carry his wig with so much rudeness and arrogance.  

He  however commended Justice Ekwo for his calmness and control of the court proceedings despite the numerous provocations he got from Jacobs . 

“Except for his unassuming nature and experience,  Justice Ekwo would have gotten angry and walk him out”. He said