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APC Congress: Dissecting Kalu’s Letter To Abia State Chapter Of The All Progressives Congress (APC) 

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By: Ndidi Akabueze

Ahead of the July 31 commencement of ward, local government and state congresses of the All Progressives Congress (APC) across the country, Leader of Abia APC caucus and Senate Chief Whip, Dr Orji Kalu has through his letter addressed to Abia state chapter of the APC and subsequent press release demonstrated true democratic virtues by expressing equal (unbiased) support for all aspirants for various positions in the party hierarchy.

Kalu, who has sustained his cult-like followership in the political space since his first political outing as a member of House of Representatives in 1992, has come out to state categorically, that he has no anointed candidate (s) in the forthcoming Congress in Abia state. Hence, there will be a level playing ground for all aspirants.

The timely and welcome statement credited to Kalu has not only put to rest gossips and rumours that Kalu wants to hijack the party or influence the electoral process.

The statement has also reinstated and re-assured the teeming membership of the APC that the internal democracy of the party will be upheld.

In the said press release, Kalu also demonstrated that he is truly a progressive minded politician with passion for democratic process anchored on transparency and accountability. As he mentioned, for the party to sustain its huge membership, party activities and pursuits must be allowed to follow due process and as such, all outcomes of party activities will be accepted in good faith by all and sundry.

The Senator’s disposition will also encourage inclusiveness and active participation in party activities by the older and younger generation as nobody will drop names to curry favour or circumvent the electoral process. Kalu has further created a credible vehicle and process for Nigeria’s nascent democracy to grow.

By and large, the Leader of Abia APC caucus has warned against imposition and electoral fraud in the forthcoming congress at all levels.

Kalu is leading by example and as such, other party chieftains, stakeholders and members, should imbibe the acts of transparency, accountability and credibility,  as exemplified and communicated by the former Governor, in a bid to sustain internal democracy in the APC.

Together we can sustain true democracy across board.

Ndidi Akabueze, a staunch supporter of APC writes from Umuahia, Abia state