Ogun Gov. Assures Residents LG Autonomy

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Ogun State Governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun has assured the people of the state that his administration will continue to respect the autonomy of the local government and give them the necessary support to carry out their constitutional responsibilities as the third tier of government.

Prince Abiodun who spoke after casting his vote at Ward 3, Iperu1, unit 002, Ita Osanyin, Iperu, Ikenne Local Government Area, acknowledged local government as the closest to the grassroots.

“What currently obtained in the state is that the local governments are independent because we give them free hand to operate.

“We will respect the autonomy of the local government. They are the third tiers of government. Much closer to the people. Our administration will give all the necessary support to them to ensure that they carry out their constitutional responsibilities in line with the resolutions of the Southern Governors Forum”, he noted.

The governor who arrived the polling booth at 11:43 am and voted two minutes later, described the local goverment election as peaceful, as reports available to him indicated no disturbances or violence in any parts of the state.

“Everything is going on well. The election is peaceful, no disruption, no violence. People are going about their civil duties responsibly”, he said.

He said his administration view the election as a referendum of acceptability, performance as well as a means to enable the people see how methodical, focused and responsible his government has been in meeting the people’s needs, adding that he has kept faith with by fulfilling his promises.

On the boycott of the election by some political parties, the governor deny knowledge of any boycott, saying the state electoral body (OGSIEC), has done the needful by recognising the legitimate faction of the factionalised party, noting that the boycott must have been done by the faction that lose out.

“What I was made to understand was that the party that was not recognised headed to the court and the case wasn’t bought until Thursday and from what I understand, the court dismissed the suit that was challenging the OGSIEC accepting the other faction and Following that, I think perhaps to safe face, the faction that lost out now decided to perhaps support a boycott.

“You cannot be boycotting an election that you are not a participant in, I really don’t understand that, but really, am not a lawyer, am not OGSIEC, am not speaking on behalf of any party, I can only speak on behalf of my party and my administration”, Abiodun stressed.

Abiodun lauded the electoral empire for being transparent and providing a level playing ground for all political parties in the election, calling on those who would be victorious to be magnanimous and embrace those who lose out on the election

“I believe OGSIEC has done everything within their power, their mandate to be very transparent and to ensure that the playing field is as level as it should be for every single party that expressed desire to be part of this elections.