I’d Rather Fight For Free Ventolin Inhalers Than Pads, Says Etinosa Idemudia

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Actress Etinosa Idemudia has stated there are worthier causes to fight for than that of free menstrual pads for females.

In recent times, women-rights activists and even men alike have continued to lend their voices and campaigned for free menstrual pads for youngsters rather than free distribution of condoms.

As they noted sex is a choice and whoever wants to indulge should bear the brunt of it all, however, no one chooses to shed blood every other month as such, pad should rather be freely given out to young girls who cannot afford same than condoms.

But Etinosa has a different idea as she would rather Ventolin inhalers be given out freely to sufferers of asthma as no one is asthmatic by choice.

According to the movie star, asthma is a medical condition that has killed many but she has never seen anyone lose their life as a result of bloodstain on their clothes.

The mother of one who in the process of calling out for free Ventolin inhalers for asthma suffers revealed she is one who noted the price for inhalers keeps skyrocketing by the day.

She wrote: “There are more relevant things to fight for than Free Menstrual Pads for girls.

“No offense but I would rather fight for FREE VENTOLIN INHALERS than fight for free Menstrual pads using the same premise-nobody asked to be asthmatic.

“While Asthma kills, I have never seen anyone die from bloodstains.

“I write this clutching now ritualistic-expensive inhaler in my hand, and the price keeps increasing daily.”