Afghan Mother Hands Her Suckling Baby To A US Soldier In Kabul

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An extraordinary video and series of photos shows the pulse-pounding moment a wailing baby was handed over a fence to an American soldier at the Kabul airport, a fellow Marine wincing as the baby was lifted over barbed wire to him by just her arm.

The heartbreaking scene played out at the wall around the Kabul airport — where thousands of Afghans are trying to flee from the Taliban-controlled country.

The Marine was filmed plucking the baby, reported to be a girl, from a crowd of desperate Afghans at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport.

Standing guard on top of the fence, he lifted the girl up by her arm and passed her off to a fellow marine alongside him.

The second marine, who took the baby with both hands, appeared to wince as he watched her come dangerously close to the razor wire.